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Your Complete Guide On How To Study for Civil Exams

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Cracking the civil service exam and joining hands with the workers of the public sector, who render relentless service, aiming to the betterment of our country, is a dream that many a young citizen nurtures in his or her passionate and ambitious heart. However, only a handful of them are destined to fulfil this dream. The Indian Civil Service Exams are the getaways to the most coveted and prestigious course of career for an aspiring civil service candidate and, therefore, are one of the most competitive examinations for a student. To bag the job, it is not enough to have theoretical know-how. The desired candidate profile of the civil sector must be well-rounded with a dynamic personality and an interest to know all the latest happenings in the world that may influence our country.


What are Civil Exams?

The Civil Service Examinations in India, conducted nationwide by the Union Public Service Commission, are competitive exams, held to recruit for the different Civil Service wings of the Government, including, the Indian Foreign Service or IFS, the Indian Administrative Service or IAS, and Indian Police Service or IPS.


How To Study For Civil Exams

Now that we have cleared the definition and the significance of the Civil Exams, it is time to go through a comprehensive guide, illuminating a strategic pathway towards sketching a study plan for civil exams, with a point by point analysis.


Understand the syllabus

Before you start to go through your text and reference books, make sure you have got a proper handle on the overall syllabus of UPSC exams. It is the core of your study planning and must guide you to chalk out your prioritisation and study material choice. The course offered by Youth Destination, is not only designed on UPSC syllabus, but it integrates various relevant dimensions of knowledge, to give you that extra edge.


Manage time wisely

To be of service to the country, you must have a disciplined life and your time should be well accounted for. This will also help with your civil service coaching. It is wise to make a daily routine and stick to it. This practice will help you to learn time management and streamline your preparations, with both offline and civils online coaching. All civil service coaching institutions acknowledge the importance of a daily routine. Institutions like Youth Destination, which is one of the Best Civil Services Coaching in Delhi, have gone one step forward to incorporate and dedicate a module for guiding students on ‘’how to make a time table and stick to it’’.


Follow newspapers and current affairs

The questions in civil examinations are modelled, keeping the current affairs along with political and social events in mind. Therefore, in order to successfully crack these exams, you need to abreast yourself with the daily news. You will observe the same practice in each civil service coaching throughout the country.


Magazines like Economic and Political Weekly, Kurukshetra, Yojana, etc. are very crucial for civil exam study as well, since they carry detailed discussions on topics such as politics, agriculture, economics, etc.


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Choose Optional subjects wisely

The Optional subjects account for 500 marks in the final tally. So it is important to select your optional papers wisely. You can decide your optional subject by judging your interest or knowledge, on your own. Take the subject of your interest or expertise. It will help you in scoring higher marks than a subject in which you have no interest. 


Read previous years’ papers

Solving previous years’ question papers is an integral key factor in understanding the trends, challenges and important topics of all civil exams. That is why, you should assign yourself with the tasks to solve such old papers on a daily basis. Once you solve the paper, you can evaluate the papers yourself to see where you stand at and then make strategies for improving.


Do mock tests

Self-assessment is a proven tool for combating competitive civil exams. You must need to understand your strength and areas where you need to work harder. Especially the final round of UPSC exams are interviews, where, as pointed out in the beginning, the overall personality and communication of an aspirant is vital. Keeping all these factors in mind, you must learn from your mistakes and shape your approach towards the examinations accordingly. Mock tests and interviews can be a great way to do so.


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Do revisions

When you are appearing for a highly diverse and multifarious exam like UPSC, it is mandatory to go back and regularly revise your lessons. This will not only solidify your grasp on the subjects, but will also boost your confidence.


Writing practice can help

Finally, we come to an often ignored aspect of civil exam coaching, that is practising to write answers daily. The demand for UPSC exams is to write descriptive answers and analytical answers within a stipulated time and within a limited space of the answer booklet. These regulations require the aspirants to quickly write effective answers with minimum words possible. This apparently herculean task cannot be performed without the adequate practice of answer writing. Practise writing on a regular basis and don’t forget to keep an eye on the time.

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Balancing Work and Preparation

With the pandemic and the poor job market, it is becoming less and less feasible for people to quit their job or to devote their whole time to prepare for exams. But with the development in the technical field, this is not an issue anymore. All aspiring candidates now can very well roll in with institutions that provide civil service online coaching. Youth Destination is one such institution. It has timely predicted this requirement of students and has come up with a detailed civil service online coaching program. The program covers an online module and test series batches, that offer online civil service coaching in both English and Hindi, live as well as in recorded mode.

Summing up the article, one point can be made clear that even with all the health hazards and their auxiliary complications, UPSC aspirants can seek help from civils online coaching programs for realising their dreams. Keep the aforementioned factors in mind while preparing for the exams. However, if you stuck anywhere, Youth Destination, the best civil services coaching in Delhi, is here to guide you through.

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