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World Health Organization gave ‘oxygen concentrator’ to India

World Health Organization gave ‘oxygen concentrator’ to India

  • Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced 4,000 ‘oxygen concentrators’ to India due to increase in cases of corona virus infection and lack of oxygen.

Key Facts:

  • The ‘oxygen concentrator’ is an oxygen-producing medical device; it collects oxygen from the air in our environment.
  • It may be noted that about 78 percent of atmospheric gases are nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen and the remaining 1 percent is from other gases.
  • The ‘oxygen concentrator’ takes air from the atmosphere and filters it, releasing nitrogen back into the atmosphere to get pure oxygen.
  • Oxygen obtained from the oxygen concentrator is 90-95 percent pure. However, the oxygen obtained from it is not completely pure, and it does not work in patients with extremely low oxygen saturation.
  • But according to experts, it is sufficient for less infected COVID -19 patients with an oxygen saturation level of 85% or more.
  • The pressure valve located in the ‘oxygen concentrator’ helps regulate the oxygen supply by stabilizing it to 1-10 liters per minute.
  • The ‘oxygen concentrator’ can be operated continuously and can release oxygen around the clock for about 5 years or longer.

Source: PIB

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