World Blood Donor Day organized on 14th June

World Blood Donor Day organized on 14th June

World Blood Donor Day is organized every year on 14th June. The primary objective of this event is to spread awareness among people about the importance of blood donation and to recognize the contribution of voluntary unpaid blood donors in saving lives.

Key points

  • This day was first celebrated by the World Health Organization in the year 2004 and in the year 2005, it was declared as an annual global event at the 58th World Health Assembly.
  • World Blood Donor Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Austrian biologist and physician, Karl Landsteiner.
  • Karl Landsteiner is considered the father of modern blood transfusion. It was he who classified blood cells into A, B and O groups on the basis of the presence of agglutinin present in human blood.
  • This classification of blood made an important contribution to medical science. Due to the discovery of this classification, today millions of people donate blood daily and millions of lives have been saved. For this important discovery, Karl Landsteiner was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year

Source – The Hindu

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