Winter session of Parliament adjourned sine die

Winter session of Parliament adjourned sine die

The winter session of Parliament was adjourned a day ahead of schedule. The productivity of Lok Sabha stood at 82% and that of Rajya Sabha at 48% during this session.

Indefinite adjournment does not mean that the sitting of the Parliament is not held indefinitely. It is to be noted that this power rests with the Presiding Officer of the House.

About the decline in parliamentary productivity –

According to the PRS report, during the 15th Lok Sabha (year 2009-14), the Lok Sabha was able to function for 61% of its scheduled time and the Rajya Sabha 66% as a result of repeated disruptions in parliamentary proceedings.

Reasons for frequent disruptions and declining productivity:

Discussion on controversial and matters of public importance (Child Marriage Bill and Electoral Reform Bill), parties not following parliamentary norms, lack of dedicated time for unlisted discussions and party politics etc.

Adverse effect

Limited accountability drives the ineffectiveness of parliamentary committees. Due to this, bills are passed quickly, and the trend of ordinance is encouraged. These disruptions hinder representative democracy.

What can be Done:

Preparation of an annual calendar of sittings of the House, increasing the number of days of sitting, increasing opportunities for discussion for opposition parties, training of members, etc.

Source – The Hindu

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