Why to choose Online Classes for UPSC ?

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It is a well-known fact that Covid-19 has completely modified the lives of everyone, be it traveling or buying groceries.

Out of all, the one thing that has changed the most is Education. Since the first lockdown in India on 25th March, till now none of the educational institutes or coaching centers are allowed to physically operate due to social distancing regulations in most of the states.

We all can agree that the internet has immensely helped everyone in this pandemic. It has evolved a lot since the past few years and nearly everything is accessible through it. Now the internet is advanced enough that children are able to study through video calls and online lectures by their teachers. If it wasn’t for the internet, the students would have wasted a whole year and a lot of valuable time. This pandemic has made us realize that Online coaching for UPSC was a hidden treasure waiting to get discovered.

One of the most important and crucial exams in the country, civil services, is conducted by the Union Service Commission (UPSC) which is India’s major regulating body. Over the years, preparation of UPSC Exam has eventually changed, unlike earlier times, information if now easily accessible to everybody with just a click away. With the number of gadgets, social media and internet, the approach in candidates has undergone a total transformation.

You’ll be surprised to know some of the advantages of online coaching:-

  1. Cost cutting – As you can take these classes in the comfort of your home; a lot of cost is cut by not having to travel to the coaching institute every day.
  2. Talking about traveling – a lot of precious time is saved by not spending hours in going back and forth every day.
  3. Connectivity – Studying online means that you can connect with your teacher anywhere around the globe at any time. This may prove really beneficial for states/countries that aren’t well connected with areas containing top coaching institutes.
  4. Safety – At Covid times, it’s much safer to stay at home than roam around on the streets or use benches/tables that are often touched by other people/children. This reduces the risk of getting infected. Even after the pandemic, students may feel the sense of safeness as they can avoid traveling to sketchy areas to commute.
  5. Backup – Various software’s like ‘Zoom’ which is widely used to teach online has an inbuilt feature where students and teachers can screen record sessions and store them on the servers and can send a link to the students so that they can view the lectures again whenever they want if they like to.
  6. Notes – Notes can also be made in phones or laptops when studying online which reduces the use of paper and can prove to be an environment saver. UPSC Online classes in Hindi are also available in some of the Best Online Coaching for UPSC Exams.
  7. New opportunities and friends – By being connected to people all around the globe. Students can discover various opportunities and also meet new people with the same interests.
  8. Time for self study – It is the best and a very effective form of study that the candidates should follow which help them identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Best online classes for UPSC give an opportunity to each and every student across India to learn and study at their own pace in their own comfort and at their own timings. This helps them understand better and gives them a lot of time to do their self- study, which is very important.

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