Why test series is important for UPSC and IAS

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Why test series is important for UPSC and IAS

Of all the competitive exams that are held in India, UPSC Civil Services exams are considered one of the toughest and the most competitive. Even the best and the brightest students in the county find the exam challenging; they spend months and even years preparing for these exams. 

There are many coaching centers which help students prepare for the UPSC/IAS by providing them with the right study material and holding classroom or online classes. The one resource, however, which students find helpful is Test Series

Mock test series gives students an opportunity to assess their preparation and identify the gaps that need to be filled. Most people who clear the UPSC civil services exams reiterate the importance of Test Series for UPSC and generally recommend new aspirants to test their preparation by taking regular mock test series. 

During these pandemic times, taking a classroom mock test may not be possible, therefore, to get around this challenge many coaching institutes are now offering IAS online test series also. 

If you are a young aspirant preparing for the IAS exams, a ‘Test Series’ is one of the most important study tools for you to consider. Let us understand how a Mock Test Series can help you in your UPSC preparation: 

  • Prepares you for the real exam 

The first and foremost advantage of Test Series is that it puts you in the groove for the real exam, and prepares you for the expected and the unexpected challenges. 

Be it the UPSC prelims test series or the mains, these Test Series familiarize you with the patterns of questions that are common in these examinations. By regularly practicing on Test series you will get a grip on the kind of questions that are generally presented and what are the best possible answers for these questions. 

The challenges in the prelims & the mains are quite unique and the strategies required to approach both the exams are also different. Mock tests will let you try out multiple strategies to approach both these exams and helps figure out the one that works best for you. 

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  • Tests your preparedness 

You may have put in the hours to prepare for the Civil Services Exams, but your preparations will remain incomplete until you have tested your preparedness by taking mock UPSC tests. By practicing on Test series you can make an honest assessment of your preparations and understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

These test series will help you identify the subjects that need your attention so that you can take the necessary guidance of your teachers & mentors and make improvements.  

It generally recommended for students to take regular mock tests, even while they are still preparing; so that on the day of the exam they do not feel unfounded or unprepared. 

  • Helps get a better Rank

Once you are confident about your preparation, the next challenge is to ace the UPSC exams and get a good rank. By regularly practicing on test series you can sharpen your strengths and work on your weaknesses; thereby improving on your preparedness consistently. 

With lakhs of students appearing every year the competition in the civil services exams is quite stiff, and to get a good rank you need to be at the top of your game. Your mock test scores can give a very clear picture of whether or not your preparations are good enough for getting a top rank. The more test series you attempt, the more confident you’ll be on the day of the exam.

  • Gets you over exam fear

Clearing the UPSC exams can transform people’s lives by giving them a chance to work in elite government services like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police & foreign Services etc. With all this at stake, some amount of nervousness is only natural. 

After all the hard work and years of preparations, young aspirants often get worked-up and anxious before the exams, and they tend to underperform because of this stress. 

However, by taking mock test series on a regular basis, you can get more comfortable with the examination environment and be calm and confident on the day of the exam. 

  • Prepares you for uncertainty 

One aspect of UPSC exams that aspirants get nervous about is uncertainty; very often the exams are full of surprises and different from what the trends suggest. One thing that can help you prepare for such circumstances is test series. If you have practiced enough on test series, you’ll be able to write good answers even for questions that you have not prepared for. 

It is fair to say that ‘IAS Test Series’ is a tried and tested tool that helps students firm-up their exam preparations. Once you have completed the curriculum and you feel confident about your preparation; undergoing a Mock IAS test is an absolute must. 

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