Why do you need a mentor to Crack the UPSC Exam ?

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why do you need a mentor to Crack the  UPSC Exam ? Or you Also Say That What is the importance of a mentor in UPSC to Crack the Exam ?

It is very easy for candidates to get lost in their studies with the syllabus of civil service being so vast. Some of them read the newspaper for hours but are still unable to collect any important news of the day. There will be days when you study for hours randomly and buy many books but do not manage to read even one of them properly.

Let us know in this article, why you need a mentor to understand your problems and ace the UPSC examination. 

Why a mentor is needed for UPSC preparation

Undoubtedly, the UPSC preparation process lasts for months or a year which is more detrimental than useful. You may be more confused conceptually and also can articulate your thoughts on paper. These are some common problems faced by UPSC students.

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What to study and what not to study

Basically, most candidates don’t know what to study. There is so much information available online and so many books on the market make it really difficult for beginners to differentiate between useful resources and useless resources. They end up buying irrelevant books and getting lost on the internet. 

It’s like a marathon

It is quite common for an aspirant to lose the stream because the preparation stretched over a very long period. In this case, the candidates need to be motivated so that they can continue studying for a long time. Internal motivation is not always enough. Therefore, they need external motivation from mentors. 

Course Correction

Students need to constantly keep correcting their course while preparing for UPSC and it can be done only with constant evaluation by the third person. The right approach for IAS preparation is to study, test, feedback and evaluate. And for this purpose, they need someone who is highly experienced by our side. 


Practice is the key to success in UPSC or even any competitive exam so candidates write as many answers as possible and solve previous year’s question papers to hone their writing skills. But only writing is not sufficient. You also need the right feedback for your answers. Genuine but limited feedback by anybody from for example mentors, some friends and relatives always keep your preparation on track. 

Importance of mentorship

Having a mentor is greatly beneficial for your desire to acing the UPSC exam. They not only take a personal interest in your progress but also give their undivided attention and focus. 

There is no substitute for hard work and dedication. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you must direct your time and afford in the right direction and get the most value from your efforts. In the following situation, a mentor can assist you.

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Making the right plan

The common approach ‘one size fits all’ is not good to complete the UPSC syllabus. Each candidate has its own capability, and time constraints that must be accommodated. UPSC preparation includes the procedure for making notes for topics on the syllabus. Reading current events on a daily basis and setting aside time to go over each section of the syllabus, a mentor considers all these factors and helps candidates to develop a plan that works especially for them. 

Guidance for choosing the right book or study material

There is ample information available on subjects and topics for the UPSC exam. Furthermore, the number of sources available and the fact that new data is added on a daily basis makes it very difficult for candidates to make sense of it all but this task becomes easy and much more manageable with the help of a mentor. There are some books that, when read, add a level of clarity to topics. A mentor not only assists candidates in developing strategies to successfully cover these sources but also guides them to choose the right ones for example General Studies topics, government press releases, NCERT books and government publications like Yojana, Kurukshetra Magazine, India year book, economics surveys and reports.

Important topics

A mentor can guide candidates in determining the importance of each topic in the UPSC syllabus in terms of examination weighting. Moreover, they also assist candidates in developing an action plan for revising important sources and topics as the exam dates are nearer. They will guide candidates in narrowing down the options when it comes to selecting optional subjects.

Top mentors for UPSC exam preparation

It is difficult for a student to devote a significant amount of time to a mentor. So go for the one who is naturally fit for your needs. If you are comfortable discussing your exam fears and objectives then they will be really helpful to assist you but don’t expect the mentor to help you with your immediate needs. If you find some area particularly challenging then tell the mentor about your difficulties or failures. Don’t hesitate in this regard and pay attention to your mentor’s advice seriously. 

We at Youth Destination offer such mentors to candidates. These mentors conduct one to one sessions with the aspirants 2 times a week for approx 30 minutes duration. They are ex-civil servants in IAS preparation or they have at least reached the interview stage.

How do they offer a solution?

They prepare a personalized study plan as per the candidate’s requirement and the time they can dedicate to study.

Regular practice of subjective question solving to ensure the development of candidates’ answer writing skills. 

Bullet out clearing session with the mentors.

They ensure that the syllabus is completed on time and also offer sufficient time for revision and Practice set for prelims and mains exam as well.

In other words, a mentor assists students in becoming exam ready from the first year of preparation. The candidates who don’t have access to quality mentorship rely on the trial and error approach to UPSC preparation which definitely results in failure. A mentor gives a competitive advantage over other candidates. Call for a trial class with our mentor to experience these unique teaching methodologies.

Role of mentorship in UPSC preparation

A mentor does not teach candidates like schools but guides them through the right path and reveals the techniques to prepare well.

If you want to be successful in the IAS exam during your first attempt, choose a mentor. Undoubtedly, it depends on the candidate’s dedication and hard work but a mentor is supposed to identify candidates’ mistakes and correct them whenever required. 

You will be totally engrossed in preparation and maybe unaware if a certain change in the UPSC question paper pattern occurs. The mentors will notify you about the important change immediately.

Many times, you may find it difficult to understand the concept even after reading it multiple times. A mentor helps you to get conceptual clarity. Current affairs are the most dynamic aspect of the UPSC examination but candidates might not know how to analyse the news articles, which points are important to remember and how to use them while writing an answer. Mentors provide support in analysing current affairs.


The role of a mentor is enormous in UPSC exam preparation even the toppers also get inspired by great mentors. Learning from their experiences is more than wonderful. A beginner needs guidance from an experienced mentor at any cost because it is not easy to go through a full-fledged preparation. Mentor will help you to solve some common questions like the best way to start IAS preparation, how to manage a job as well as preparation, how to make a perfect study timetable and what are the best optional subjects. all your doubts get cleared that are running through your mind by a mentor who owns the related experience.

Reputed coaching centres like Youth Destination take care of providing you with good mentors. So now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find one for yourself.

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