Why choose online classes for IAS?

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Indian Administrative Services (IAS) are one of the most sought after career choices amongst the brightest students in the country. Every year lakhs of students appear for the UPSC examinations with a hope of getting placed in the many elite services of the Indian Government like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services & Indian Foreign Services etc. 

The UPSC Civil Services exam is, however, considered one of the toughest exams in the country and preparing for it takes quite a bit of effort. To prepare for this exam, many students from across the country take specialised Civil Services Coaching classes and often move away from their homes and travel to centres like Delhi where they get access to the best coaching centres. 


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During the Covid-19 crisis, however, attending classroom coaching has become unfeasible and students have had to rely on their self-studies to prepare for the UPSC exam. Without proper guidance, many students are unable to clear their doubts and are falling behind in their preparations. 

To get around this problem many coaching centres have now started Online IAS preparations, and in time this has proved to be quite an effective solution. More & more students are in fact choosing online coaching for UPSC over the conventional classroom coaching. 

Here are some of the aspects of IAS online coaching that many students find beneficial: 


  • Easily accessible 

With online IAS coaching, students no longer need to commute to coaching centres to attend the classes. From the comfort of their homes, they can access all the resources that are essential for their preparations. During these pandemic times, IAS online coaching is especially helpful as students are confined to their homes.

Aspirants may feel that without the guidance of a good classroom teacher their preparation can lose direction and the guiding light of a good teacher is indeed a very helpful resource. However, a comprehensive and well-structured online IAS course is just as helpful and can help students be on the right track. 

With the help of a good online IAS course, students can prepare for the exams in a planned manner and keep a tab on their progress.


  • Learning from top teachers

One of the major benefits of online classes is that it bridges the gap between young UPSC aspirants and the best teachers in the country. If you are a young student preparing for the UPSC exams, you no longer need to settle for the limited offline resources available in your town/city. With the help of online IAS coaching, you can get access to some of the best teachers in India and that too without needing to travel to places like Delhi. 


  • Best Study Material & Resources 

When you are preparing for civil services exam, the right study material is of utmost importance. With the proper study material, you can ensure that your preparation is structured and that it is on the right track. 

Often the main difference between a good IAS coaching centre and an average one is the study material they offer to their students. When it comes to online courses; the study material is generally very well structured and it covers the entire curriculum quite comprehensively. Apart from this, the benefits you get from a good online IAS course are the additional resource; which include live online classes, recorded video classes, students forums, online test series etc. Preparing for the UPSC exams can often become tiring & cumbersome, but these online resources can help make the learning process more interesting.  

By choosing the right online IAS coaching you not only get access to the best coaching curriculum but also the finest online teaching resources.  


  • Doubt clearing sessions 

One of the major worries of students with respect to online IAS course is that they will not get personalised attention that classroom courses offer. However, most of the top online IAS courses also include special session to help students clear their doubts and interact closely with the teachers to discuss other problems they are facing with their preparations. 

The online course of Youth Destination also offers online doubt clearing sessions where students can interact with the teachers and find answers for all their doubts. 


  • Encourages self-study

All said & done; it is the self-study of an aspirant that matters the most in UPSC exams. By choosing an online course, you do away with the need to commute to a coaching institute; instead, you can spend that time in your self-studies. Additionally, the right online course makes the learning process more interesting and helps you stay focused. 

In the times to come, civil online coaching may well become the norm. With improvements & innovation in teaching technology, offline coaching could become a thing of the past and online preparations for exams is likely to become the preferred way for UPSC coaching.

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