Seven products from Uttar Pradesh get Geographical Indication tag

Seven products from Uttar Pradesh get Geographical Indication tag

Recently the Geographical Indications Registry based in Chennai has given Geographical Indication (GI) tags to 7 different products of Uttar Pradesh.

These 7 products are: ‘Amroha Dholak’, ‘Mahoba Gaura Patthar Hastashlip’, ‘Mainpuri Tarkashi’, ‘Sambhal Horn Craft’,‘Baghpat Home Furnishings’, ‘Barabanki Handloom Product’ and ‘Kalpi Handmade Paper’.

  • Amroha Dholak: A musical instrument made of natural wood. Mango, jackfruit and teak wood are preferred for making dholak.
  • Baghpat Home Furnishings: Baghpat and Meerut are famous for their exclusive handloom home furnishing products and fabrics passed on in cotton yarn through generations, and only cotton yarn is used in the handloom weaving process. Curtains, kitchen towels, table towers, pillow cushions and other furnishing products are being made in abundance in this area.
  • Barabanki Handloom Product: This cluster now manufactures products like scarves, dupattas and shawls in straight lines, geometric patterns and bold designs.
  • Kalpi Handmade Paper: The cluster of handmade paper making in Kalpi is a huge cluster, consisting of more than 5,000 artisans and around 200 units. The art of making handmade paper from waste paper and cloth yarn is prominent in Kalpi.
  • Mahoba Gaura Stone Handicraft (Mahoba Gaura Patthar Hastashlip): A stone craft. It is a very unique and soft stone whose scientific name is ‘Pyro flight stone’. The Gaura stone used in handicrafts is a pure white colored stone, which is found exclusively in this region.
  • Mainpuri Tarkashi: Tarkashi is a popular art of Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, which is mainly brass wire inlay on wood. Tarkashi is an art in which brass, copper or silver wires are inlaid in wood. This art is used to decorate jewelry boxes, name plates, khadau (wooden sandals) etc. In Mainpuri, rosewood wood is specially used for this art.
  • Sambhal Horn Craft: The raw material used in this type of craft is from the horns of dead animals, due to which this industry remains in harmony with the natural balance. 

Source – The Hindu

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