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Mission Prarambh

Mission Prarambh Recently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched Vikram-S, India’s first rocket built by the private sector, under Mission Prarambh. With the launch of Vikram-S (VKS), the Indian private sector entered

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NASA’s Artemis-1 launch to the Moon

NASA’s Artemis-1 launch to the Moon Recently NASA has launched Artemis-1 on Moon after 50 years of Apollo mission. Artemis-1 will be the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems. These systems include

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Global Vaccine Market Report 2022

Global Vaccine Market Report 2022 Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has released the Global Vaccine Market Report 2022. This is the first report to capture the effects of COVID-19 on global vaccine markets. Key

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India’s first private launch vehicle

India’s first private launch vehicle India will send Vikram-S rocket into space between November 12 and 16, 2022 under the ‘Prarambh’ mission. It will be sent by space technology startup, ‘Skyroot Aerospace’ which is an

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Reusable, Paper-based Lycopene Sensors

Reusable, Paper-based Lycopene Sensors Recently, researchers from the Mohali-based Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) have developed a Nano-biosensor to detect ‘lycopene sensors’. Key Points This sensor uses a portable smartphone-based upconverting reusable fluorescent

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Falcon Heavy – SpaceX

Falcon Heavy – SpaceX Recently, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into geosynchronous Earth orbit from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. This is the fourth launch of the massive

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ISRO’s RISAT-2 Satellite

ISRO’s RISAT-2 Satellite Recently the RISAT-2 (Radar Imaging Satellite) satellite launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has again entered the Earth’s atmosphere uncontrollably. RISAT-2 is India’s first “Eye in the Sky” satellite, which

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Cordy Gold Nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs)

Cordy Gold Nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs) Recently scientists from four Indian institutions including Bodoland University have developed Cordy Gold Nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs). It has been developed to speed up and ensure drug delivery in the human body. These

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‘Coronal holes’ phenomenon

‘Coronal holes’ phenomenon Recently, NASA has taken a picture of dark spots on the surface of the Sun which looks like eyes and smile. These spots are called ‘coronal holes’. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has

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Project-75 India (P-75I)

Project-75 India (P-75I) Recently Russia has distanced itself from the Project-75 India (P-75I) submarine project. Russia says it is difficult to meet the conditions set out in the ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP) for the construction

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Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 Recently the Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2022 has been announced for research in ‘Quantum Mechanics’. The Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2022 will be awarded

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Nobel Prize 2022 in Medicine/Physiology

Nobel Prize 2022 in Medicine/ Physiology Recently, the Nobel Prize in Medical Sciences for the year 2022 has been announced for research on the genome and human evolution of the extinct hominin. Swedish geneticist Svante

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Solar Geo engineering

Solar Geo engineering Despite solar geo engineering, local temperatures can continue to rise for years. Solar geoengineering is also called solar radiation management (SRM). The term is used to describe hypothesized technologies that could theoretically

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BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile

BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile Recently, the Defense Ministry has signed a contract worth Rs 1700 crore with BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd to purchase additional dual-role BrahMos missiles for the Indian Navy. The dual role capability

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Anti-TB dose ‘BPaL’ gets global approval

Anti-TB dose ‘BPaL’ gets global approval Small anti-tuberculosis dose Anti-TB dose ‘BPaL’ has received global approval if a recent test is ‘positive’. A short-term treatment of six months called BPaL has shown favorable results in

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Artemis-I NASA

Artemis-I – NASA Recently, NASA has postponed the launch of the Artemis-1 lunar mission due to a fault in the rocket engine. The purpose of NASA’s Artemis mission is to explore (study) the Moon. The

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