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Amalthea According to recent findings, Amalathea appears to radiate more heat than it receives from the Sun. According to NASA, this could be due to Jupiter’s magnetic field or tidal stress. ‘Amalthea Moon’ is one

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The 2022 Global Food Policy Report, IFPRI

The 2022 Global Food Policy Report, IFPRI Recently the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has released the “Global Food Policy Report 2022” on Climate Change and Food Systems. The report highlights a range of

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Drought in Numbers, 2022 Report: UNCCD

Drought in Numbers, 2022 Report: UNCCD Recently, the report ‘Drought in Numbers 2022’ has been released at the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP-15) to the United Nations Convention on Prevention of Desertification (UNCCD). In

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Femicide, causes and recent trends

Femicide, causes and recent trends According to a recent United Nations report, the increase in disasters has led to an increase in the willful killings of women. The United Nations has released the ‘Global Assessment

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Chenab River

Chenab River Recently, Pakistan has objected to the construction of Ratle, and Kwar hydroelectric projects on the Chenab river in Kashmir. The Chenab River is formed by the confluence of two rivers Chandra and Bhaga

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US adopts ‘carbon pricing’

US adopts ‘carbon pricing’ Recently, the Climate Change Panel has praised carbon pricing. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has called carbon pricing the most powerful and efficient strategy currently available to

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Artificial recharge of aquifers

Artificial recharge of aquifers Recently the Government of India is considering adopting new groundwater recharge methods to solve the water problem. The central government has planned to artificially recharge groundwater using treated water. Through this,

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High ammonia levels in Yamuna

High ammonia levels in Yamuna In the recent few days, water supply has been disrupted once again in some parts of Delhi due to the high level of ‘ammonia’ in the Yamuna River. According to

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Fresh Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued

Fresh Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued, The radio blackout may be due to a geomagnetic storm emanating from the Sun hitting the Earth. Recently, the Space Weather Prediction Center (SPWC) under the US National Oceanic and

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Heat Action Plan Highlights 2022 Report

Heat Action Plan Highlights 2022 Report A recently released report states that Indian cities and districts should be prepared to protect vulnerable people from heat stress. The report “Expanding Heat Resilience Across India: Heat Action

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Deaths caused by lightning

Deaths caused by lightning The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), through a written reply in the Lok Sabha, has provided information about the measures taken to reduce the impact of lightning. Lightning: It is a

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