UPSC Preparation Tips for Beginners – How and Where to Start

The initial months, after an aspirant decides to appear for the prestigious UPSC exams, may seem a little challenging. Especially if you are attempting the exam for the first time, you may feel nervous. However, with the proper preparation, one can overcome the challenge with great marks. Along with studying hard, there are other factors like time management, that needs attention. You need to understand every minute details of exams and the syllabus before you start your preparation. You can go on this journey of UPSC on your one; however, you can get help if you need. Here is where institutes like Youth Destination can aid you. 

1. Preparation Tips: How and Where To Start

To guide you through the UPSC exams, below goes some preparations tips from Youth Destination. Read on!

2. Know the syllabus and get your study materials

Before you start your journey of UPSC, you need to first go through the syllabus and zero in on your study materials. Civil exams do not demand candidates to be specialists, but they should have a knowledge base compassing various subjects and current affairs. By understanding the nature of the syllabus, you will be better able to select reliable sources of materials. 

Unfortunately, the Hindi speaking section belonging to remote areas of our country used to get disheartened at this stage as they found it difficult to fathom the language in which most of these books are written. But not anymore, as Youth Destination had identified the problem and have come up with the perfect resolution. Other than providing quality reading materials in Hindi, they conduct interactive and live online classes for UPSC.


3. Take mock tests

By taking regular mock tests, you can keep your preparation on track and self assess better. Test series help you to understand which area of your syllabus needs more attention and helps you to prepare for your prelim. All of the coaching centers offer mock test series. Youth Destination provides them with a bilingual option. The center offers both online mock tests and Offline Mock Test.

4. Build a strong foundation

When it comes to UPSC, only mugging up the contents will not help. You need to understand the subject matter conceptually. Only when you will have a clear idea of the basic concepts, you can study the advanced section of the syllabus. Those of you who have a stronghold on your school level education, will find it easier to prepare for the civils. But do not lose heart if you don’t; there are many coaching centers that might help you to clear your basics so that you can answer any related question of any subject. If you are skeptical about going out or relocate to join a coaching center, you can avail the Online UPSC coaching provided by Youth Destination.

5. Attend online lectures

When reading on a certain topic, for hours cause you more confusion, than insight, head on to the audiovisual media and watch online videos covering the topic of your choice. Not only you will get more information, but audiovisual learning also helps better with retaining knowledge. The online sessions on doubt clearing, recorded lectures, and videos of Youth Destination aims to do this for their students.

6. Stay updated on current affairs

It is crucial to remain updated with all the latest happenings all over the world. So reading newspapers, relevant magazines, PIB materials, must be a staple for you. Being aware of all the current news not only expands your knowledge and helps with writing answers, but it also adds confidence to your personality and makes you a better contender in the personal interview round. You can have a compiled source material on Current affairs from Youth Destination.

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7. Learn the art of articulating

It is as important to grasp the subject matter that you are studying, as it is to articulate and present the answer in an easy to comprehend manner. So always carve out a time for a daily practice of Answer writing. This is where most of the Hindi medium students face hardships, especially during this current scenario, when they cannot meet others to discuss and group study. But this can no longer pose a threat to determined aspirants, not with Youth Destination.

8. Manage time smartly

In order to cover a vast syllabus like that of the UPSC, as mentioned earlier, you need to priorities your time and lead a disciplined lifestyle. It is advisable to come up with a strategic approach and schedule your daily routine. Set goals and deadlines and whole heartedly stick to them. While you yourself can define your routine, expert guidance from a coaching center like Youth Destination might be more effective.

9. E-Learning helps

With the changing times, all aspects of our lifestyle have been modified and transformed, and arguably, for the better. It is high time we take the same approach towards education. With the technological revolution, it is completely impractical that we stick to the conservative classroom teaching module. Moreover, there are many aspirants who are balancing studying and a full-time job that demands their attention and time. They need the option of Online classes to juggle their duties and simultaneously prepare for a promising career in the Indian Civil Service. Experts at Youth Destination have heard the call of changing times and have modeled their coursed in a way that can provide quality teaching, discussions, and interactive learning through their Online classes

It is unfortunate that in addition to the challenges of preparing for UPSC, candidates are now being subjected to an ongoing pandemic and are restricted to their houses. However, they must make the most out of what they have and Youth Destination can help. You can get access to all the study materials and Online Classes easily and if you are looking for Online Classes Click to Check Our Demo Classes in English | Demo Classes in Hindi

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