UPSC Mentorship Program

To build a solid conceptual understanding, a complete mentorship program for UPSC is inevitable. The UPSC mentorship program covers the full course. Personalized mentorship and an innovative approach make the UPSC exam preparation more effective and simpler.

Youth Destination has emerged as the best platform for UPSC mentorship. We provide a well-designed strategy that makes your preparation outcome-oriented, manageable and effective. A dedicated UPSC mentorship program is essential for all three stages of the exam. It not only balances your prelims and mains preparation but also provides definite direction.

There are three constituents of the mentorship program for the UPSC & IAS exam

  1. Continuous assessment of your preparation
  2. Customized and personalized mentorship to help you through the perplexity of the IAS exam.
  3. Coverage of IAS exam syllabus via interactive and comprehensive lectures
UPSC Mentorship Program by Youth Destination

Start your UPSC Journey With Us

Eventual Assessment Program for UPSC IAS Exam

There are 5 components of the UPSC exam:

  1. Prelims program
  2. Mains program
  3. Essay program
  4. Prelims Test Series program
  5. Current Affairs program

“A dedicated mentor is above all of them to bring strategic interventions whenever it is needed.”

Exam pattern and syllabus of IAS exam in UPSC Mentorship Program

Civil Service exam is conducted for various prestigious posts like IAS, IPS, and IAS. Lacks of students are appearing for the civil service exam every year. This exam is known as the toughest competitive exam in the country with its vast syllabus and different multiple-stage:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Personality Test

The exam is going to be more challenging this year as more than 10.5 lakh candidates had applied last year only for 796 vacancies.

Prelims exam consists of two objective type papers: General Studies and CSAT

The main exam comprises nine essay-type papers that cover various subjects and current affairs. Students who clear the cutoff for mains then are called for the final stage IAS interview.

There will be needed a lot of study material to cover the huge syllabus of the IAS exam like NCERT books, daily newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ &  ‘The Indian express’, monthly magazine and other current affairs resources and some standard books to cover static part of the syllabus.

Covid pandemic and the continuous lockdown have changed the way we lived. The current situation is also not very good. Coronavirus has impacted various aspects of our life. It also has changed the mode of IAS preparation. Most of the IAS coaching institutes are providing online content to the students. They have shifted to online classes as per the demand of time. Students may get quality content and course videos for IAS preparation in online classes but one thing they are missing is personal UPSC mentorship.

When you prepare for the most competitive IAS Exam then the importance of the right mentorship increases undoubtedly.

To get the desired success in the IAS exam it is necessary to receive guidance from personal mentors.

How UPSC mentorship program helps the candidate

This unique program helps the candidate to know about the fundamentals of this most competitive exam and also provides the best opportunity to get success in this exam. Age factor is very important in the civil service examination. You will have definitely heard this saying:

“Early birds catch the worm”

An early starting provides many advantages and when an aspirant starts IAS preparation as a young student, he would be in touch with academics. This will give you an edge over older candidates. To reveal the certain aspects of this examination is necessary for a candidate by studying its pattern carefully over many years. This program helps the candidate to understand the different aspects of the IAS exam in a more convenient way. Mentorship can secure higher marks in this exam by understanding these aspects.

First of all, make a plan to appear in the Civil Service exam. If you are preparing for other competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, PO then also you can opt to go for civil service.

How our UPSC mentorship program will work

  • Each candidate has his own strengths and weaknesses. They may have different constraints in terms of time and availability. Making the same plan for all candidates to complete the syllabus is not a good one. A good mentor understands this thing and he connects with candidates and makes a plan that works for the individual.
  • We are overloaded by the information and study material for IAS exam preparation. A Mentor keeps you guided at this time.
  • New data ads on a day-to-day basis. It becomes easy when you receive guidance from a personal mentor to select the right sources and get genuine data, facts and information about the subjects and topics.
  • There are a lot of sources available for IAS exam preparation for example NCERT books for GS topics, Monthly Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic Survey, India year book, Government press releases and General Studies Topics. A mentor helps to cover these sources easily with the finest strategies.
  • Those students who have studied the IAS exam pattern carefully for many years will find Some different aspects. The candidate who understands these aspects secure higher marks than other candidates.
  • A personal mentor helps to understand the psychology and philosophy of the exam.
  • Some aspirants may be confused while choosing optional subjects. They enable you to take an appropriate decision.
  • Some topics have higher weightage from an examination point of view. A Mentor will help the student to know the weightage of each topic.

You will learn how to utilize your academics in preparation for the IAS exam.

An aspirant can interact directly with a mentor.

  • A good mentor helps in presentation,
  • language, structure and in the articulation of words while writing answers.

Aspirants learn time management. They customize your time as per your requirement.

Our UPSC Mentorship Program

Our mentors will judge your working constraints, preparation strategy and level.

After this, they will create a perfect plan for your civil service preparation. A Mentor will be with you in your whole IAS journey. Throughout the duration of this program, he will be in touch with you via chat or call and will help you to evaluate or assess your preparation level.

A scholarship program will be conducted for the students who have enrolled in the UPSC mentorship program at the end of the course and the winning candidates will get attractive rewards.

Our Approach for an individual candidate

  1. IAS exam pattern-based test series and assessment
  2. Chat best learning program
  3. Affordable for every student
  4. Full coverage of IAS syllabus
  5. Comprehensive and quality lectures
  6. Experience and well-versed mentor and faculty
  7. Candidate centric approach
  8. Personal guidance for individual
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Frequently Asked Question for UPSC Mentorship Program

How can I get a personal mentor for UPSC preparation?

Can you travel through an unknown path without a compass? I know it is difficult to prepare for UPSC without a personal mentor. Is it also like this? To cover the dynamic syllabus of the UPSC exam is not an easy task. Candidates can feel a little lost. A Personal UPSC Mentorship program suggests an effective way that is suitable only for you.

To prepare for the civil service exam is a long-term journey so it becomes quite important that an experienced mentor guide you at every step of your civil service preparation.

Youth Destination, the best IAS coaching in Delhi offers you a personal mentor. He will help you to evaluate your answers, discuss current affairs, solve your doubts, make your Study plan and keep you focused on your aim.

A personal IAS mentorship program will provide you detailed coverage of current affairs for both prelims and mains and syllabus of GS and CSAT and the best quality video lectures by expert Faculty of India. To check your progress you can also find questions after every module.

Multi-layered tests both subjective and objective as well keep you on track of your IAS preparation. After each video there are various questions to check your understanding level. These questions test the clarity of thought and full test series are also available. You can feel the IAS exam before the actual exam.

Our Course Content – 

General Studies –

More than 400 hours of best-quality video that cover all the topics of GS 1 GS 23 GS 4 both prelims and mains as well.

More than a hundred hours for CSAT paper
And a lot of practice tests for the CSAT section.
Current Affairs –

More than 300 plus hours for current affairs covering all the important topics of the entire year. It will help you to memorize the news that you have read in newspapers and magazines.

  • 700 + hours of video lectures for GSC set and current affairs
  • Live classes
  • Weekly discussion on current affairs
  • Study plan based on your schedule
  • Mentorship helps to develop the fundamental basic
  • Discussion sessions with the mentors every week
  • Weekly practice tests

How will I get my mentor?

We have chosen mentors either ex-civil servants or the candidates who have reached the final stage in UPSC at least interview. They are selected after a rigorous screening process. And they belong to the top universities like IIM, IIT and various backgrounds like medicine, humanities engineering etc. Mentors are trained about course content and to guide students. That is why they guide the students very well. Youth Destination checks the performance of mentors in various parameters.

What will Youth Destinationation provide me?

  1. We provide module-wise coverage of the topic with the full coverage of static content and dynamic content.
  2. Every session is one to one
  3. Classes will be conducted through video chats
  4. To Check your understanding of concepts, you can solve the questions after every video.
  5. To track your progress, module wise tests are provided at regular intervals
  6. The mock test series will help you to get the feel of the UPSC exam. These series are available for prelims, both prelims and mains.
  7. This threefold assessment will boost your preparation.
  8. You will be provided not only a mentor but also a friend, philosopher and guide. He will suggest the best possible way to prepare for the UPSC exam. He will solve your doubts and guide you to make your preparation far better.
  9. Our personal UPSC mentorship program 2023 – 2024 will help you to improve some qualities that are essential for a civil service aspirant for example
    • The ability to interact with people
    • A different point of view to appreciate things
    • Clarity of expression
    • Reasoning ability
    • Logical discussion
    • Awareness about social-economic problems
    • Honesty 
    • presence of mind
    • Intelligence and concern
    • Leadership skills
    • General awareness

Guidance for interview

  • A personal UPSC mentorship program focuses on building your intellectual personality as per the format for the Civil Service interview
  • It will help to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses to maintain a positive attitude towards the exam and to answer every question in a balanced way during the interview
  • Enhance your communication skills and body language
  • To fill DAF (Detailed Application Form) for IAS interview

Does a mentorship program exist for UPSC?

The Civil Service exam is considered the toughest test of endurance; it not only requires firm determination and hard work but also excess mental resolve and grit of aspirant. An experienced mentor helps his aspirant to clear the three stages of the IAS exam: the prelims, the mains and the interview. Mentorship programs are greatly beneficial as the mentor takes a personal interest in your progress and provides you focus and undivided attention.

Why is a mentorship program necessary?

  • Hard work is the key to success in the Civil Service exam. There is no alternative for this but the competition is rising day by day. So candidates will need to work in the right direction and to take the maximum benefit from their hard work.
  • A good mentor will help to cover the syllabus on time and in preparing notes for the topics and current affairs on a regular basis. 
  • Proper time management to cover every topic of the syllabus.
  • Each candidate has their own strengths, weaknesses and constraints. They have different needs and availability of time so a personal mentor considers these factors and prepares aspirants by making a plan as per his need.
  • Mentors help to understand the psychology of the IAS Civil Service exam.
  • To understand the certain aspects of this examination, studying the pattern meticulously over many years is necessary. Civil service examination depends a lot on NCERT books; some questions come directly from NCERT.
  • A personal mentor will guide you while choosing the correct resources for example Government publications like Yojana, Kurukshetra, NCERT books for GS paper. Personal mentorship helps the aspirant to cover these sources easily with proper strategy.
  • A mentor will guide you to know the weightage of each topic in the IAS exam syllabus.
  • When the exam date comes near, candidates have a need to revise the important souHe will guide you to prepare an action plan for revision.
  • Some aspirants are confused when choosing an optional subject. A mentor will help the aspirants in taking the right decision to select Optionals and make them ready for exam from the first day

The way of success

Have you ever thought about why you want to go only for the Civil Service? Can you do something else? Do you want money, power, fame and status? What is the reason behind civil service being so popular? A mentor will help you to recognize your potential, strengths and weaknesses. To find out the focus areas and to analyze previous year question papers, mentorship is helpful.

To get success you will have to know where you stand. Your performance in the mock test series indicates how much you need to work to get success. Hard work and determination can change your future but it is necessary to be objective while evaluating yourself.


There is no need to go for one size fits all strategy.  Every person is unique, Your journey also must be unique. That is why the individual UPSC mentorship program helps to find your reason why you want to go for civil service. You want to prepare full time or part-time and take your decision wisely. 


After deciding everything, prepare with full dedication and give your best and use every opportunity. A personal UPSC mentorship program will help you to respect the time and enjoy the journey.

If you don’t get success on the first attempt he will motivate you for a second chance and keep trying unless you successfully beat the luck with your hard work.

Does Mentorship Save your time ?

When you start your preparation without any mentorship you consume a lot of time in searching his sources. You can utilize this time in revising the syllabus. The civil services exam is not like other competitive exams so smart work is the key to success. 

The IAS mentorship program chooses the persons who have cracked the Civil Service exam that is why they have credentials to guide the students in the right direction. A person who has never cleared the exam will not understand these things properly.

Youth destination is a platform where you will find a personal UPSC mentorship program 2023 – 2024

No matter how much you studied for civil service exam preparation. Practicing the mock tests is very important, especially the last 20 year questions.

Youth Destination provides exclusive original content from various resources. We prepare this content after deep research so that aspirants get authentic data and they have no need to go for other resources. Our current affairs are updated regularly and refer to The Hindu, The Indian express, PIB and PRS.

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