UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice When you are preparing for the civil service examination, a question can occur in your mind. What is the thing that makes a candidate superior to others? Yes! Surely this is writing ability. Many things open out when you practice mains answer writing. Here you can see the word limit and understand the demand of the question. If you daily practice mains answer writing, it will improve your writing skills. You can realize and understand the need of the question in a more easy way.

What to do to improve your writing skills?

Just choose a genuine writing portal. Your question will be uploaded at a fixed time. Start writing your answer. Leave margins on the both sides of the sheet. Take a picture of this with a fine quality and upload it in the comment section. When your copies will be evaluated, it will be uploaded again after the fourth or fifth day. The students can easily clear their doubts on the basis of answers and feedbacks. An expert team will guide you about daily answer writing for UPSC. The Experienced faculty will discuss your answer improving sessions.

Daily answer writing practice for UPSC civil service candidates need a serious motivation for better daily answer writing practice so that they can improve not only their writing skills but also can secure good marks. Some questions will be uploaded daily based on the new syllabus. Read the questions carefully. Form the answer in your mind first. Then write your answer in the comment box. Mention carefully the date and the number of the question. You have to not copy the answer but read the study materials calmly and then make your own point of view and write accordingly. Daily Mains Answer Writing PracticeRemember word limit always.

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You Need to Accept the challenges

Never cheat with time otherwise it will cheat you in exams. No need to worry much about grammatical mistakes. Just practice for Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice. You can improve it later with the help of senior aspirants. Never disappoint from a negative result and think to quit it. But continue it in any way. You will get better results next time. Use moderated language while answering for other’s comments. Don’t spend so much time after writing answers for daily UPSC writing answers. You can also spend some time with other aspirants. Read their answers. Give them suggestions if you have any.

Daily editorial writing practice

Some platforms provide you answers writing practice (AWP) absolutely free. These portals are highly beneficial for the candidates who are preparing daily editorial writing practice for UPSC. You can uplift your writing ability easily. They provide you an open platform where you can practice daily for mains answers in UPSC. Here you will be under the guidance of experienced faculty but don’t be confused!!  This daily answer writing practice is not a part of Mains test series. It will provide you some questions daily and you have to write your answers.

Let’s know the importance of answer writing practice for UPSC Mains!!

Your answer sheet plays an important role in your exam. It decides your result. Examiner has no connection with you. You will be evaluated on the basis of your answer sheet. So write your answer in a most impressive way. Regular practice will make you able to get the highest marks in the Mains exam. Toppers also recommend daily mains answer writing practice. You can secure a good rank among all aspirants of UPSC. Just make a habit of writing answers on a regular basis.

Some more benefits if you select a genuine portal

If you practice on a regular basis, it will enhance your writing ability. The questions are framed after a deep analysis. The probability is higher of being asked these questions. The faculty is quite experienced. Initially the level is some easier but it will be tougher day by day. A revision test will also held on to secure your answer writing practice at an advanced level. You will get a chance to use your own creativity while practicing for answer writing. It will enrich your answer with relevant facts, dimensions.

Make yourself confident enough

If you feel your answer writing is poor. Then go for these portals. Spend at least one month. You will feel confident better. Maybe you are facing a problem in forming a proper structure for answer writing. Daily mains answer writing practice will enable you to write in a more efficient way. Questions are uploaded every single day. Your writing ability will definitely improve when you get a detailed feedback of your answer. It will also help you in reading the newspaper because here your focus will be on the issue not on the news. To write answers based on this will make you serious while reading the newspaper. Some students try every offline coaching class, materials, online classes, portal and whatever etcetera. But they constantly complain of not getting satisfaction in answer writing practice. Just understand it! No one can review your answer separately. Peer reviews are more popular. How can a qualified person give you a review on your answer without paying for it? Coaching centres can not provide you a daily review. If you want a review for your answer on a regular basis then it is available online only. Off course it is a paid resource. But you will definitely get quality feedback.

Frequently Asked Question

Many aspirants work hard for the preparation of IAS exam. They not only study diligently but also read relevant study material but then also they fail to clear the IAS mains exam. They take advice from their seniors/mentors. They learn everything which is  relevant to the syllabus. Then also they are unable to get an interview call. The reason is quite clear: they do not practice answer writing for the mains exam. Examiners evaluate what you write on paper, not what you have read. So daily mains answer writing is very important for IAS preparation.

Regular mains answer writing practice saves your time in the examination hall. The pattern of UPSC exam had been revised in 2013. The IAS mains exam consists of 9 descriptive papers and you will have to write answers of around 20 to 25 questions in the word limit of 200 to 250.

3 hours are allocated for each paper

The answer should be in a format of introduction, body and conclusion; it includes subheadings too. This exam is the most prestigious exam in the country so the quality of the answers matter a lot so you will have to be concerned about the presentation a lot in the IAS exam. You can not waste your time thinking about all this in the examination hall, otherwise the result will not be in your favour. Regular mains answer writing practice will help you to understand what you have to write  in the exam.

Daily mains answer writing practice will enable you to learn more by writing. Your answer should be relevant, neat, crisp, correct, coherent and in an allocated word limit.

Answer writing practice helps in internalizing what you have read. Which is beneficial when you have to read a vast syllabus. In the mains exam you have to write what is asked, not what you know! Answer writing practice will help in this. It will organise your thoughts and will create your personal opinion.

It is very necessary for aspirants to go through UPSC previous years papers so that you can know what type of questions are asked frequently.

The Main exam is a most challenging stage for many aspirants .You will have to frame your answer in a limited time with accuracy and speed.

Daily answer writing practice will incorporate most frequently asked questions.

Answer every question within 7 minutes.

Write a minimum of five points in your answer and relate them to the keywords. Break down your answer in different points and subheadings. Write your answer with social, economical, political and geographical perspectives.

A multi dimensional approach is needed to answer writing in the IAS mains exam. Think about the answer from 360 degree and frame your answer. Always provide a complete answer.

To highlight important and scoring points use keywords and also underline them.

You should substantiate your answer so that your answer can get legitimacy.

Yes it is necessary to write your answer in neat and illegible handwriting, divide your answers in headings and subheadings. You can insert tables and figures if it is needed. All these things will improve the quality of your answer.

Language plays a crucial role in the mains answer writing. Your language should be simple and error free. If your language is clear, complete, concise and content is appropriate then you will definitely get a good score. Don’t use flowery or vague language. It can create ambiguity in your answer and there are high chances to get lower marks.

Although there is no hard and fast rule to write answers in points or paragraphs. It all depends on your choice and comfort. If you feel comfortable you can write your answer in points and if you prefer to express yourself in paragraphs then you can go for paragraphs but don’t cross the word limit allocated by the UPSC.

GS paper I

Indian heritage and culture history-

Include dates and timeline according to the need of the question.

Geography of the world and society

Add diagrams maps flow charts etc.

GS paper II

Governance, constitution, polity and social Justice

Write relevant quotes of well known personalities and from newspapers, new policies and schemes launched by the government, national and global survey reports and articles etc.

International relations

Draw maps if required. Highlight the terms which are featured in newspapers. Write about the recent developments and international relationships

GS paper III

Economic development

Write about the global banking reports, schemes, policies, recent statistics and figures highlighted by economic survey and the phrases which are used in economic survey.


Draw figures and write innovation

Biodiversity environment

Read about environment reports and rankings. Relate it with recent happenings. Draw the flowchart and diagrams.

Security and disaster management

Include recent and highlighted issues in your answers

GS paper IV

Ethics integrity and aptitude

Provide Logical solutions and simply use quotations wherever needed. Go through with the keywords in the syllabus.

Write your answer in a way so that it can impress the examiner. They can feel that the answer has been written by a future bureaucrat or an administrator.

Write the points in your answer which are actually asked, don’t try to make the examiner puzzled.

Make your answer clear, neat, illustrative and precise

You are expected to have a Deep understanding of the concepts while writing mains answer

There is no alternative for answer writing practice in the UPSC exam so practice answer writing on a daily basis. Think like a future bureaucrat or as an IAS officer while writing answers in the mains exam.

Making mistakes is quite common in the initial phase but improve yourself day by day Choose a topic from the syllabus or you can pick up an editorial from ‘The Hindu’ ,frame a question and write your answer.

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