UN Spotlight Initiative’s Impact Report Released

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United Nation Spotlight Initiative’s Impact Report Released

Recently the United Nations has released the Impact Report of the Spotlight Initiative.

The Impact Report of the Spotlight Initiative has highlighted the rapid rise in cases of violence against women.

According to the report, it has become a shadow epidemic during the Covid-19 epidemic. The Spotlight Initiative is the world’s largest targeted effort to end all forms of violence against women and girls.

In India too, there has been an increase in domestic violence cases during the pandemic.

According to the National Commission for Women (NCW), there was a 46% increase in complaints of crimes against women in the first eight months of 2021 as compared to the same period last year.

Steps taken to prevent crime against women

  • The central government has classified domestic violence shelter and support services as “essential.
  • During the first and second wave of the pandemic, 700 one-stop-crisis centers remained open in India.
  • NGOs like Stree Mukti Sangathan are helping women through free counseling. Also, online facility is also being used to report crimes.
  • Safe city projects have been initiated to support smart policing and security management.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has launched the ‘National Database on Sexual Offenders: NDSO’.

Other related facts

  • UNESCO has published a report titled ‘When schools shut: Gendered impacts of COVID-19 school closures’. According to this report, gender equality may be at risk due to prolonged school closure due to Covid-19.
  • Girls’ learning time gets hampered due to increase in household chores.
  • Gender norms and expectations (such as limited access to Internet-enabled devices) can affect girls’ ability to participate in and benefit from distance education.

Source – The Hindu

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