United Nation Peacekeepers Face Greater Threats from Complex Conflicts

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United Nation Peacekeepers Face Greater Threats from Complex Conflicts

According to a recently released report, it is known that more than 87,000 United Nation Peacekeepers face greater threats from complex conflicts.

The head of UN peacekeeping, Jean-Pierrelacroix, has said that UN peacekeeping missions are facing more threats today than they were two or three years ago.

The challenges currently facing peacekeeping forces in resolving conflicts include:

  • Conflicts are driven by many factors. These include ethnic tensions, the impact of organized crime on illegal exploitation of resources and terrorism.
  • Conflicts are multi-level i.e. not only local and national, but also regional and global. For example, increasing terrorist activities in the poor Sahel region of Africa.
  • Presence of conflict escalating means including the effects of digital technologies, fake news and misinformation and rapid use of sophisticated tools.
  • The political and security environment is distorted.

Necessary measures to make UN peacekeeping more effective:

  • Providing better medical aid and equipment (especially more helicopters) to make peacekeepers more agile, proactive and reactive.
  • Increasing the number of women in peace operations means the participation of more women in the peacekeeping process means more effective peacekeeping.
  • Digital transformation of peacekeeping, which will enable better communication and help combat misinformation. It will also help in better collection and processing of information.

About UN Peacekeeping:

  • Peacekeeping derives its mandate from the United Nations Security Council.
  • Troops and police are supplied by member countries.
  • These campaigns are guided by three basic principles, namely: consent of the parties; impartiality and self-defense and not to use force other than the defense of the mandate.

Source – The Hindu

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