Tropical Cyclone Biparjoy

Tropical Cyclone Biparjoy

Recently, Cyclone Biparjoy changed its course and hit the Gujarat coast, due to which a high alert has been issued in Gujarat.

Cyclone Biparjoy was earlier moving towards the coast of Pakistan. However, now a forecast has been issued for it to hit the North Gujarat coast on June 15.

Cyclones originating in the Arabian Sea usually do not move towards the Indian coast.

More than 75% of these cyclones move north or north-west and reach the coast of Pakistan, Iran or Oman.

According to a recent study, the frequency of cyclonic storms in the Arabian Sea has increased by 52% over the period 2001 – 2019, making India’s west coast more vulnerable.

Reasons for the increase in cyclonic storms in the Arabian Sea-

  • The temperature of both sea surface and deep water in the Arabian Sea is increasing.
  • The rising temperature is very favorable for making cyclones more intense. This allows the cyclone to remain strong for a longer period.
  • The frequency of El Niño Modoki phenomena is increasing. This creates favorable conditions for cyclone formation over the Arabian Sea.
  • Due to El Nino Modoki, warm-humid conditions are created in the central Pacific and dry-cold conditions are created in the eastern and western Pacific.
  • Biporjoy is a cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea. It is named by Bangladesh. The word biporjoy means ‘disaster’ or ‘clamity’ in Bengali.

Source – Indian Express

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