‘Tree City of the World’ tag

‘Tree City of the World’ tag

Recently Mumbai and Hyderabad have been jointly recognized as “2021 (Tree City of the World) TWC”. The TCW program is initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Arbor Day Foundation, an American non-profit organization.

It provides direction, support and worldwide recognition of a community’s dedication to its urban forest.

In addition, it also provides the framework for a healthy and sustainable urban forestry program in the city or town.

A city is evaluated on the basis of five parameters in this programme –

  1. A city must have a written statement delegating responsibility for the care of trees within municipal limits to a staff member, a city department, or a group of citizens – called a “tree board”.
  2. There should be a law in the city to control the management of forests and trees.
  3. The city should have an updated inventory or evaluation of the local tree resource. To establish an effective long-term plan for planting, caring for and removing the city’s trees.
  4. The city should have a dedicated annual budget for the implementation of the tree management plan.
  5. The city should organize an annual festival of trees in order to raise awareness among the people and to acknowledge the citizens who carry out the tree program.

Source – The Hindu

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