Top Reasons to Choose IAS as Your Career

Introducing with a very short note given by various IAS training Academy on IAS work profile popularly known as, the policy makers and executors. They are authorized to sign the agreements on behalf of government as they are representatives of the government in the field.

On the basis of description provided by various Online Coaching for UPSC when they act at district level, as district magistrates/collectors, are responsible for each and every affair of the district viz. revenue collection law and order, disaster management, or anything else. At the secretariat level, they assigned the duty as deputy secretary, joint secretary, secretary, principal secretary, cabinet secretary etc.

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For IAS officers it would be a privilege to work in a capacity of district magistrate and principal secretaries to the Prime Minister or Chief Ministers of different states.

Therefore, the career choice of IAS is always considered one of the best options among the government jobs. On the basis of the reasons provided by the Best Coaching Institute for IAS it would vary from person to person, but would on an average, be a conglomeration of the following reasons:-

  • Authority and Power:

As represented by many IAS Online Coaching that we have a tendency to hold a prestigious position which is recognized by the entire nation. With a career as IAS officers the authority and power, you get are unmatched. This is why people consider the post of IAS as the most respected career or better to say dream career.

  • Status symbol:

As a DM, the person holds more respect from the people because people know that the decisions made by an IAS officer impact them directly at large.

  • Job Security:

As an IAS officer cannot be fired easily, there is a deep sense of job security. Once selected, an IAS officer works till the age of 60 and there is possibility for him to get an extension also.

  • Great Pay scale with many facilities:

As far as the salary package of an IAS is concerned, the 7th pay commission has brought the salaries of the Civil Servants comparable to corporate sector. Besides it, the facilities and amenities provided to an officer are excellent.

  • Policy-Making responsibilities:

The post of an IAS provides an opportunity to effectively contribute in the policy formulation process of the country. In addition to it, being an IAS Officer, the person enjoys many powers for instance take action against unwanted and anti-social activities.

  • Job Satisfaction:

As in a private corporation, the ultimate goal is making profit and it seems completely futile that all one’s effort eventually results in the heavier pockets of stakeholders. But, in a capacity of IAS officer one can be assured of the fulfillment of a larger goal due to one’s efforts, which are directed towards social welfare. Thus, the post of an IAS gives you immense job satisfaction.

  • Opportunity of Global exposures:

The talented ones also get an opportunity to represent the nation at world forums and stages.

  • Wide variety of jobs

Preparation for IAS service will provides you an option of wide variety of other services like IPS, IFS, and IRS etc. The Civil Services of which the IAS is one post have relatively greater sphere of authority and power than any other services in India.

  • Related to the development work of the nation

Civil servants decide the destiny of the nation as the implementation of all developmental and other government policy rest with them and also by making positive changes at the grass root level”.

  • Opportunity of foreign tour

This service will provide you with an opportunity of foreign tours for various purposes like training and work related tour.

  • Balance between personal ambition and public duty.

As it is a job which provides an opportunity to satisfy personal ambition like prestige, job security, salary package as well as indulge in social welfare activities like upliftment and empowerment of marginalized sections of society, etc.

  • Diversity of work experience

The experience of wide variety of works associated with IAS, like maintenance of law and order, developmental work, disaster management; administration provides a working understanding of the dynamic structure of a society.

  • New learning opportunities
    The post of an IAS will provide you with an opportunity to interact with the greatest minds of the world and hence, help in the expansion of one’s horizons.
  • Further studying opportunity

Opportunities to study at the premier world institutions like Oxford which caters to IAS specific courses as well, funded by the G.O.I.

  • Opportunity in private sector

Provides you a chance that if this nature of work doesn’t suits you, one can always have an opportunity to  move in the private sector that too on a very high pay high pays. Civil servants, especially IAS officers are in great demand in the private sector due to their valued work experience and competitiveness.

  • Helps in building political career

The leadership abilities develop during your tenure and the quality of work done by you in different fields help you in your political career after retirement.

According to the various Best Coaching Institute for IAS, the above reasons are the basis towards considering a career as an IAS officer. A person who wants to bring positive change at the grass root level should definitely try to crack the IAS examination.

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