Top 5 Guides that Can Help UPSC Aspirants for there UPSC Exam

The Indian Civil Service exam, commonly referred to as the IAS Exam, is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, also known UPSC each year. This exam is extremely challenging and every aspirant surely faces a lot of challenges and difficulties in preparing for the IAS exam.

Thousands of aspirants apply each year with the dream of becoming an IAS officer, but only a few get a chance to actually fulfill their dream. IAS Exam is considered to be one of the most important and the toughest exam, but if the aspirant is well prepared and has a strong determination, one can crack it with ease. With thousands of people applying for the exams, every aspirant wants to get enrolled in the Best UPSC Classes in Delhi.

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Every UPSC Institute in Delhi provides bet of the education and the best guides to help you get through the IAS Exam.

Youth Destination is a very renowned UPSC Institute in Delhi, which provides the best UPSC Coaching Classes in Delhi both online and offline. The institute has their own guides. They even provide the students with a magazine which is full of the information about all the current affairs. The teachers here are extremely kind and knowledgeable and help each aspirant. The institute follows a proper guideline wherein they have test series every week and gives out notes to their students which have helped them a lot. Youth destination notes cover extensive and current updates which cover the full syllabus. The test series covers at least 30%-50% questions which match with the UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains. Every month the students are provided with a magazine which has every information and updates about the world.

We here are going to list some of the best guides/sources that an aspirant can take help go to crack the exam.

  1. Newspapers- Not a guide, but an aspirant should read the ins and outs of a newspaper every single day. Newspapers contain highly valuable information about everything going on in the country or internationally. The most preferred newspaper is ‘The Hindu’. It avoids printing trivial issues/masala items and gives priority to areas of national concern. Pages 7, 8, 9 and 12 are among the most important ones as they contain new government orders, the perspective of the public/ a well reputed author on a national issue and international affairs. This doesn’t mean that the other pages aren’t important.
  2. ‘Ancient India’ by Mr. RS Sharma is a highly recommended book as it covers UPSC prelim syllabus and many questions about the ancient history of India has been asked directly from this book in previous year questionnaires.
  3. The official website of ISRO is a really important source for science and tech. It contains all the information about the missions of ISRO and also various missions that it is working on and missions that are currently in progress. Many questions can be asked regarding these missions.
  4. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey is an amazing book for working on your logical reasoning and analytical ability. It contains various illustrations that make it easy to understand and also contains various advanced questions that its competitors.
  5. RS Aggarwal is a really good choice to work on your mathematical skills. It contains brilliant questions and one book is enough for all your preparation for mathematics. Many questions have been directly asked for this book in previous year question papers.
  6. Indian Polity – M. Laxmi Kant is the most famous book for UPSC preparation on the topic. It covers a wide range of issues that makes this book sufficient to prepare for the topic.
  7. Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania is a book that covers every single part of Indian Heritage and Culture and has proven to help out many students on the topic.

Studying through these books and especially the newspapers can increase your chances to crack the exam. To become an IAS officer, one starts preparing for it from school, many aspirants get themselves enrolled in UPSC Coaching in Delhi, way before the exam. To become an IAS officer, one has only 6 chances to clear the exam, if the candidate doesn’t pass the 6th attempt also, he/she cannot become an IAS officer. It is very clear that the IAS Exam is not a cup of tea for everybody; people have to be extremely prepared and be clear with what they have to do.

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