Tonnes of dead fish wash up on shore of polluted lake in Lebanon

Tonnes of dead fish wash up on shore of polluted lake in Lebanon 

  • Recently, about 40 tons of fish were suddenly found dead in the river Litani of Lebanon.
  • It may be noted that the Litani River is the longest river in Lebanon. A dam has been built over the water of this river which is called the Litani Dam.
  • The water of this dam has collected in the form of a lake, creating an artificial lake. Its name is Qaraounlake. In the same lake, about 40 tonnes of fish have been found dead on the banks of the lake due to excessive pollution caused by sewage dumping.
  • Before this, fishing in this lake was banned in the year 2018. However, no concrete action was taken to prevent pollution.

River Litani

  • The Litani River is an important water source for the southern part of Lebanon. The Litani dam was built on it in the year 1959 for irrigation and hydropower projects. It originates from the Bekaa Valley and falls into the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Lebanon is a country located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in West Asia. To its north-east lies Syria, and to the south is Israel.
  • Here 60 per cent of the people are Muslim, with almost equal number of Shia and Sunni. There are also about 38 per cent of Christians. It gained independence from France in 1943.
  • Here, there is a special rule of democratic government, in which the President is a Christian. The most spoken and constitutional language here is Arabic.

Battle of the Litani River

  • The Battle of the Litani River (9 June 1941) was a battle of the Second World War that took place on the advance to Beirut during the Syria-Lebanon campaign. The Australian 7th Division, commanded by Major-General John Lavarack, crossed the Litani River and later clashed with Vichy French

Source – Indian Express

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