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Best Tips for UPSC Mock Interview

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The IAS interview is the final but most important stage of the civil service examination. UPSC Mock interview is not just about a test of knowledge but your overall personality. The candidate’s knowledge already has been tested in the prelims and mains exam  UPSC interview carries  275 marks out of the total 2025 marks. The process of an IAS interview lasts for about 30 minutes but the 30 minutes can literally change your life and fulfil your dream of becoming a Civil servant. Marks obtained in the interview round are calculated to prepare the final merit list along with the main examination marks. These Important Tips for UPSC Mock Interview Can help you out with UPSC Personality Test.

A good score in the interview round can increase your rank and chances of getting a better service.

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Try to understand the nature of the interview

The main objective of conducting an interview is to test whether an aspirant is suitable for civil services or not. Interviewers determine a candidate’s potential and administrative skills. They will try to assess a candidate’s personality and suitability in civil services rather than observing the candidate’s knowledge. So have a positive mindset during the IAS interview. Never think that interviewers are meant for eliminating you or to demean you.

Why IAS interview is difficult

There is the no different syllabus for UPSC interviews unlike prelims and mains exams. This is the reason candidates feel uneasy about preparing for the UPSC interview. The interview panel consists of members from diverse academic backgrounds. They ask questions from their domain and that becomes a challenge for you.

Importance of DAF

Candidates have to fill up a detailed application form (DAF) which is shared with the interview board members. It is like your biodata that contains all your personal and professional information such as birthplace, subject in graduation, professional experience, interest, hobbies, optional subject details, about college etc. Therefore, candidates are suggested to take extra care while filling their DAF. They should know each and every element of their DAF thoroughly as most of the questions will be based on that.

Candidates should possess a detailed knowledge of each and every word mentioned in the DAF for example the meaning of your name or surname.

You should be well aware of the personalities related to sports or hobbies that you have mentioned in your DAF.

There is no need to do a Master in your hobbies but your interest must reflect in your hobbies. Your hobbies should reflect the traits of your personality. For example, doing meditation reflects your spirituality.

UPSC Interview preparation strategy

There is no point in waiting for the results of the Mains examination to start your preparation for the interview. Candidates should start working on their personalities as soon as possible. They should assess their strengths and weaknesses and should work upon them to improve. Self-assessment is very important to prepare for the IAS interview.

Candidates should prepare for the UPSC interview round comprehensively. They should have proper knowledge about the optional subject chosen for mains, place of residence, educational background, the reason to become a Civil servant and the content written in the DAF.

Moreover, current affairs should be prepared thoroughly as most likely the questions are asked from current affairs.

Do’s and don’ts of interview

The first and foremost thing that candidates should possess is ideal etiquette.

Don’t pretend that you are not in the interview. Be yourself and present what you actually are. They may ask some tricky questions but it is good to reply respectfully and politely if you are not aware of the answer. Take some time to answer any question to form your opinions.

If you don’t know the answer to any question then tell the board clearly or you can ask for permission to guess that answer. These efforts will reflect the honesty in your personality.

Don’t lie and say confidently whatever you say. Don’t try to bluff the interviewer

It is better to remain calm throughout the interview as the interviewer will check your ability to deal with stressful situations. They are more interested in your approach to the question rather than the answer so try to maintain your smile. It will reflect your positive attitude and confidence.

The IAS Mock interview is a test of your personality so try to be yourself and express your general opinions. Make sure to carry all your relevant documents and dress in formal attire to look presentable. Take mock interviews as much as possible to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The feedback given during the best UPSC mock interview helps to improve weak areas.

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