Tianwen 1 Enters MARS Orbit

Tianwen 1 Enters MARS Orbit

A Chinese spacecraft named Tianwen 1 successfully entered Mars orbit on 10 February 2021.

This mission is China’s first independent mission to Mars. It is also called the Mars Mission of China.

तियानवेन 1 मंगल की कक्षा में प्रवेश (Tianwen 1)

Objective of Mission:

  • The mission has been launched by ‘Long March-5’ rocket from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site at 12:40 pm local time in China.
  • This mission is being called ‘Tianwen-1’ or ‘Question to Heaven’.
  • The Chinese Mars mission includes orbiting, landing and roving of the planet.
  • Tianwen-1 will attempt to send a landing capsule carrying a 240-kilogram rover. This rover will be sent to the northern hemisphere of Mars called Utopia Planitia.
  • After successfully landing this rover this solar powered rover will search the surface of Mars for 90 days.
  • This rover will study the soil and will also discover the signs of life in ancient times.

Key points:

  • After traveling for 6 and half months from Earth, this probe entered the orbit of Mars.
  • China launched its first rocket Tianwen-1 for Mars in the month of July last year.
  • With this, China joined the group of countries sending their rover to Mars.
  • At present, China is not the only country that is trying to reach Mars. Just a few days ago, The United Arab Emirates launched its own independent Mars Orbiter, which will be orbiting Mars.
  • At the same time, the US space agency NASA is preparing to launch its “Perseverance” rover.

Source – The Hindu

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