Three theatre commands on anvil as tri-services ‘concur’

Three theatre commands on anvil as tri-services ‘concur’

Recently, it has been agreed to establish three theater commands in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force by 2024. Each of these commands will be headed by a senior three star general (Lieutenant General, Air Marshal and Vice Admiral).

  • These three commands will manage the Northern Border with China, the Western Border with Pakistan and the Maritime Command for Peninsular India. In this, the original proposal of the Air Defense Command (ADC) has been rejected.
  • A theater command is a unified command of all three armed forces (Army, Air Force and Navy) established for the security of a specified geographical area. Under this, a certain number of military personnel are appointed from all the three forces. It is under a commander. The Shekatkar Committee and the Kargil Review Committee had also recommended the formation of Theater Commands.
  • There are a total of 19 military commands in India. Of these, 17 are service-based. These are 7 related to the Army, 7 related to the Air Force and 3 related to the Navy.

Currently there are only two Joint Commands in India:

  • Andaman and Nicobar Command: It is a geographical command.
  • Strategic Military Command: It is a functional command. It manages the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Importance of Theater Command:

  • a system in a cost-effective manner that enables integrated military operations during war.
  • This will help in enhancing synergy and coordination among the three services and in more effective management of national security challenges.
  • This will also help in effective planning and military operations.

Source – Hindustan Times

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