Thousands of children severely malnourished in Ethiopia, according to UNICEF

Thousands of children severely malnourished in Ethiopia, according to UNICEF

Recently, UNICEF has warned of a high mortality risk situation for about 33,000 children in the Tigre region of Ethiopia, all of whom are severely malnourished.

The Tigre region has been badly affected due to fighting between government forces and rebels in Ethiopia. About 1.7 million people have been displaced here since the conflict began in 2020.

UNICEF study

  • A recent UNICEF study supported by the United Nations found that 3,53,000 people in the Tigre region are living in severe distress, although the finding was denied by the Ethiopian government and said that people were getting help.
  • According to UNICEF, the food availability situation in the region has reached an alarming level. Due to which about 33,000 children are close to possible death due to disease and malnutrition. About two million people are on the verge of serious trouble.


The United States and the European Union have jointly called on all warring parties to ceasefire and cooperate to deliver aid to millions of those in need. He urged to stop the large-scale famine through a ceasefire.

What is the matter?

It may be noted that in November 2020, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered a ground and air military operation in the Tigre region. The campaign was launched after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) (a ruling party) was accused of attacking federal army camps. Nearly thousands of people have lost their lives due to this conflict and about 50 lakh people are in need of assistance. The real tension between the Ethiopian government and the Tigre People’s Liberation Front began with the appointment of Abiy Ahmed as the country’s prime minister in 2018.

Source – The Hindu

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