The Vision Plan (2021-2031) for Indian zoos

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The Vision Plan (2021-2031) for Indian zoos

Recently the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has released the “Vision Plan (2021-2031)” for Indian Zoos.

  • Its objective is to upgrade Indian zoos to global standards, and to further improve the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).
  • In accordance with the National Zoo Policy of 1998, the primary mandate of the CZA is to support and strengthen national efforts in the conservation of the country’s rich biodiversity.
  • CZA is a statutory body established under the Wildlife Protection Act.
  • Every zoo in the country is required to get accreditation from the authority for its operation.
  • The scheme is committed to enable CZA and Indian zoos in a wider sense for conservation by providing specialized animal care and cutting-edge research.
  • Zoos act as centers of ex-situ conservation and learning.

Zoos in India:

  • The Indian Parliament amended the Wildlife (Protection) Act in the year 1991. The purpose of this amendment was to introduce mandatory standards and norms for the management of zoos.
  • Zoos in India are governed by the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 and the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2003.

The plan depicts 10 pillars of change in the goals of conservation, breeding, animal welfare, scientific research, sustainability etc.

  1. Strengthening the Ex-situ conservation of endangered endemic species.
  2. Make maximum efforts for the welfare of animals
  3. Improved management of rescued animals
  4. catalyzing science-based conservation work
  5. To act as a lifelong learning center
  6. Improving visitor experiences
  7. Upgradation of infrastructure, incorporation of environmental sustainability measures
  8. Creating an economically sustainable business model
  9. Developing efficient, motivated and empowered teams
  10. Leveraging technology to expand reach, impact and overall efficiency

Source – The Hindu

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