The Election Laws (Amendment Bill), 2021

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According to the statement of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), the Election Laws (Amendment Bill), 2021 will make the electoral rolls impeccable.

The Bill, among other reforms, enables linking of voter list data with the Aadhaar system.

This will help in making the electoral roll impeccable, as it will eliminate duplication of names in the electoral roll.

However, experts have expressed concern about such linkages:

  • This is likely to infringe on the right to privacy.
  • If the linkage is not mandatory, will the implementation of the Bill be successful?
  • Incorrectly non-citizens can also be entitled to vote, as Aadhaar is a proof of domicile.

Other improvements that have yet to be addressed:

  • Freeing constitutional appointments from politicization by appointing commissioners through a broad-based collegium.
  • Reducing the number of phases in elections by increasing the strength of security forces.
  • Providing state funding to political parties through the National Electoral Fund or on the basis of the number of votes received.
  • Limiting the expenditure of political parties.
  • Empowering the Election Commission of India to cancel the registration of political parties
  • Incorporation of proportional representation system.
  • To reconsider the Information Technology Act, to strengthen social media regulations.

Source – The Hindu

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