The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC)

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The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC)

Recently ‘Asian Waterbird Census (AWC)’ is being conducted in India.

AWC is being conducted in 7 wetlands of National Capital Region (NCR)-Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary; Dhanauri and Surajpur wetlands in Greater Noida; Delhi Zoo and Sanjay Lake; Okhla Bird Sanctuary; Najafgarh Lake and Yamuna River.

About AWC:

  • It is organized every year in ‘January’. This calculation is done jointly by Wetlands International South Asia and Bombay Natural History Society (an NGO).
  • It is an integral part of the International Waterbird Census (WC), a global waterfowl monitoring programme. Wetlands International coordinates this program.
  • The International Waterbird Census is a monitoring program focused on collecting information about water bird numbers at wetland sites.
  • It operates in parallel with other regional programs of the International Waterbird Census in Africa, Europe, West Asia, the Neo-tropics (part of Central and South America) and the Caribbean.
  • It is also an important part of the Ministry of Environment’s National Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Birds and their Habitat on the Central Asian Flight Route.

Census purposes

  • The month of January is the non-breeding period of most species. Therefore, during this period, to obtain information on the population of waterfowl on the wetlands in the area on an annual basis.
  • Monitoring the condition of wetlands on an annual basis.
  • To encourage greater interest in waterfowl and wetlands among citizens.

Source – The Hindu

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