GS Mains Test Series For UPSC IAS Exam

UPSC mains exam is completely different from the prelims examination. Aspirants need to learn how to write answers within the prescribed time and space limits apart from theoretical knowledge and analytical abilities to crack the UPSC mains exam. No matter how intelligent you are! Answer writing is an art. If you don’t express yourself properly and don’t understand what is expected in the answer then clearing the mains exam would be a dream. So it is very important not only to read all the study material but also to practice answer writing in an exam simulated setting.

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Writing answers in an exam-like environment, aspirants understand the need for answer writing such as how to write what exactly is asked, how to write answers in the prescribed word limit and how to highlight important points and keywords. They will also learn how to prioritize their answer writing. UPSC mains test series gives candidates much-needed writing practice and the speed of writing also improves during the actual Civil Service exam. Youth Destination presents the most comprehensive UPSC Mains test series in Delhi. Aspirants should enroll in the much-awaited series and assess their own preparation.

They can evaluate their preparation with the help of UPSC Mains test series and also get ample answer writing practice.

Best UPSC Mock test series

There are multiple mock test series available for practice both online and offline. One of the best choices is the Youth Destination. UPSC GS Mains Test Series comprise questions based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus. These test series are free of cost and can be assessed by any aspirant.

They should solve every UPSC Mock test paper multiple times while preparing for the IAS exam. It is also suggested that the last month before the date of the examination must be spent on solving test series as much as possible.

Benefits of solving mock test series

  • Understand the important topics from the examination’s perspective
  • A good understanding of the exam pattern
  • Experience solving paper in the atmosphere same as an examination hall
  • Evaluate individual strengths and weakness
  • Understand the standard of examination and complete revision at the same time.

UPSC Mains Online Test Series

UPSC mains online test series from Youth Destination provides candidates with a comprehensive preparation platform for a high score in the IAS exam. These test series are designed by experts in the field to cover all the important topics in a lucid manner.

Youth Destination has earned the reputation of being the top IAS coaching institute in Delhi with an unbeaten track record of coaching more than thousands of candidates in achieving their dream of becoming Civil servants. Other features like comprehensive study material, updated UPSC mock tests, mock interview sessions and exhaustive coaching by experienced teachers make it the best IAS coaching in Delhi. We help the candidates at every step of their IAS exam preparation from prelims to mains and interviews. Online test series provides exhaustive coverage of all the current affair topics and important topics for the Mains exam.

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Features of Mains Test Series

  • Question papers are prepared after deep research work over standard books, authentic websites and newspapers.
  • A perfect blend of current affairs and conventional topics in the question paper as per the latest trends.
  • Evaluation of answer sheets by a dedicated team of faculty so that students can get suitable feedback before the next test
  • A proper gap between tests for adequate preparation
  • Students can take tests according to their convenience due to Flexi format
  • Online as well as offline test series are designed by experts in the field with years of experience.
  • Our study material is prepared by experts in an elaborate manner to cover all the important topics. The right study material is a valuable addition to the exam preparation process by covering all the contemporary issues and current affairs topics.

How to approach general studies paper for mains

The best way to understand the demand for the UPSC mains exam is by going through previous year’s question papers. You can make a unique strategy to start your preparation with the help of topic wise questions of General Studies papers for Mains.

Importance of Mains Test Series

The answer sheet of the mains exam distinguishes you from your fellow aspirants appearing in the mains exam. So special attention should be given to your answer sheet to get the extra edge over other candidates. The structure of your answer should be as per the expectation of UPSC evaluation standards. This is one of the most crucial aspects of the main exam, therefore, you should learn how to write a great answer. Regarding this, it is highly important to get personal feedback from experts to know how to write a good answer. Moreover, candidates need consistent practice under expert guidance to improve their answer writing ability as per the UPSC standards.

How will you perform in the exam is more important rather than your knowledge

UPSC mains exam is different compared to Prelims exam. Prelims is an objective exam while the mains is a subjective written exam. The marks obtained in the mains exam will be counted to decide your final rank along with interview marks so it is extremely important to improve your marks in the main exam.

Your writing skills speak a lot about you in the UPSC mains exam rather than your degrees and knowledge. No matter how many books you have read, you will be assessed as per your answer booklet and nothing else.

So, it is crucial to frame your answer in the most impressive way within the prescribed time limit. Candidates can gain knowledge about framing high quality answers in the mains exam by solving mock test series. Moreover, a good understanding of the latest UPSC syllabus and current topics are also important to clearing the IAS mains exam in flying colors along with answer writing practice. We conduct UPSC mains test series with the aim of equipping candidates with the latest requirement of the UPSC mains exam.


Answer writing practice plays a crucial role in civil service Mains examination. By scoring good in the mains exam, you can secure a better final rank. We, at Youth Destination, have been observing trends of the mains exam for more than years. Our expert aims to frame mains questions as per UPSC standard and also cover the better part of the syllabus in a holistic manner. We have developed considerable expertise in evaluating the answer that you write and also provide valuable feedback. Candidates can use this feedback to improve their answer writing within a short period of time.

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