Telangana’s Dalit Bandhu Scheme

Telangana’s Dalit Bandhu Scheme

Telangana’s Dalit Bandhu Scheme

‘Dalit Bandhu’ is one of the latest flagship program launched recently by Telangana Government. The ‘Dalit Bandhu’ program has been envisaged as a welfare scheme for the empowerment of Dalit families.

What is ‘Dalit Bandhu Scheme’?

  • Under the ‘Dalit Bandhu’ scheme, entrepreneurship potential will be developed among Dalits through direct benefit transfer of Rs.10 lakh per family. If seen, this is probably the biggest ‘cash transfer scheme’ of the country.
  • In order to promote Dalit entrepreneurship, the government has decided to introduce a system of reservation for Dalits in the areas where licenses are issued. These areas include liquor shops, drug stores, fertilizer shops, rice mills, etc.

Dalit Security Fund:

  • In addition to financial assistance, a plan is also being prepared by the government to create a permanent fund called ‘Dalit Suraksha Kosh’ to provide assistance to the beneficiary in any adverse situation.
  • The fund will be managed through a committee of beneficiaries including the concerned District Collector.

Reason for criticism of ‘Dalit Bandhu Scheme’:

Questions are being raised by the opposition parties in the state on the intention and logic behind this scheme. The government has also faced criticism for failing to fully implement the existing laws and schemes for the protection and empowerment of Dalits.

Source – The Hindu




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