Factor behind jets of plasma occurring all over Sun chromosphere unravelled

Factor behind jets of plasma occurring all over Sun chromosphere unravelled

Recently, the science responsible for the occurrence of plasma jets in the entire Sun chromosphere of the Sun was discovered.

Plasma jets are present in almost the entire region in the Sun chromosphere or chromosphere. These plasma jets consist of electrically charged particles. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. These jets or spicules appear as thin grass-like plasma structures.

They continue to rise out of the surface of the Sun and come back towards the surface due to gravity. Scientists have explained the origin of “spicules” on the Sun. A team of scientists used laboratory experiments as an analogy to explain this.

Scientists have presented the following conclusions based on the tests:

  • Plasma is always in a convective state just below the visible surface of the Sun (the photosphere).
  • This condition is due to the nuclear energy emanating from the hot-dense core.
  • Convective movement occurs almost periodically. The strong forces arising from these movements strike the plasma in the Sun’s chromosphere vigorously.
  • These strong shocks emanating from the lower layers push the plasma present in the chromosphere outward in the form of thin columns or spicules at ultrasonic speed.
  • The size and speed of these spicules can vary.
  • However, the processes that supply plasma in the solar wind and heat the Sun’s atmosphere to 1 million °C are still not known.

Source – The Hindu

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