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Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Online Classes for UPSC Than You Might Think

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The Indian Administrative Service exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission every year. It is divided into 3 extremely competitive stages namely, Prelims examination, Mains examination, and interview. Anything done wrong at any stage can lead to failure. It may seem scary that lakhs of candidates will be sitting for the IAS exam 2022-23. But with the right preparation strategy and proper knowledge about the exam, you may easily clear the IAS exam.

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Some students think that they cannot clear the IAS exam without the help of a coaching institute but in the new world of technology, you can make use of various great resources such as online classes, mobile, apps and websites. Coaching centres provide the right strategy but they cannot guarantee success and also charge an astronomical fee which many students cannot afford. So, it is important first to understand where you stand and how much you need to improve. Once you know your study objective clearly, you can decide between self-study, online coaching or joining a coaching institute.

Online classes for UPSC have been gaining popularity these days; this is especially true after the Covid pandemic. Online UPSC preparation is in the current limelight and many students have shown their interest in online UPSC preparation but there has been some debate about its efficacy.

Online classes for UPSC enabled candidates to reflect on their learning and to learn about what to study and what to not. More aspirants found online courses far better than expected and they came out with flying results. However, online coaching is not a substitute for the traditional classroom pattern but many students and toppers have become positive and preferable to online UPSC preparation. Let us have a look at how it is easier to succeed with online classes for UPSC than you might think.


Class timing is a serious issue for many candidates in traditional classroom coaching. For example, working professionals, housewives or college students. Attending online classes is more flexible. Coaching institutes offer live classes, also recordings of their lectures that can be viewed later at your convenience. IAS aspirants have access to a variety of high-quality online courses and study materials at affordable prices.

Lower financial burden

Candidates have to bear a lot of financial burdens to join regular classroom coaching for example travel, lodging, rent, relocation, food and other expenses. So, if money is a major consideration in your decision to join IAS coaching then online UPSC coaching may be advantageous.

No need to relocate

Usually, aspirants locate in Delhi or other metro cities for UPSC preparation but online coaching eliminates the need to shift. There are many students whose circumstances prevent them from relocating. For example, those who live in small towns, housewives or differently-abled people can benefit from online coaching which provides them easy access to teachers, test series and study materials. Therefore, many candidates prefer E-learning over classroom coaching. Online UPSC coaching makes home preparation easier for those living in remote areas.

By using technology-driven UPSC courses candidates from all walks of life have been able to prepare for the IAS exam.

How online coaching started

The idea of online coaching may seem indifferent to a lot of candidates who are often with the mindset that a 9 to 5 timetable is a must for UPSC preparation. It is absolutely true no doubt but it is also true that candidates enjoy learning when they are well-rested and most alert. Certainly, UPSC preparation is not a bed of roses and requires a high level of dedication and concentration. Online preparation for UPSC gives you this chance and makes your preparation easier.

An Aspirant cannot afford to waste time while preparing for  UPSC. Travelling to class daily makes you feel tiresome leading to a monotonous routine with no comfort.

In addition, it may be difficult to maintain harmony with teachers’ speed with that of the things being dictated in a classroom and with the challenge to cover the vast syllabus of UPSC and will grasp everything in offline coaching.

Are you unable to make notes with the same speed or you will be provided with a personal mentor for doubt solving? The answer to all these questions is no in offline UPSC classes. Here, we look at technology-driven UPSC Online classes.

Online UPSC classes present the entire syllabus in a systematic and unique way as per the requirement. For example, if you have a problem understanding a concept in History then you can easily go through the video provided by the institute a number of times. Also, you can make notes systematically at your own speed.

Travelling takes a lot of precious time which can easily be used for studying through online coaching. If you are unable to take classes during the scheduled time due to work or family responsibilities then UPSC videos are also a good substitute.

Working professionals also can crack the UPSC exam by planning their study timetable according to their routine and grasping power.

Online UPSC coaching is not limited to bookish knowledge but also provides feedback and interaction with faculty and current affairs discussion. Online coaching for UPSC today is actually far better than a conventional classroom. Most of the students come to metro cities for UPSC preparation. However, a large number of candidates are not able to come to urban centres like Delhi which has become a hub for UPSC coaching. Therefore these students face the challenge of preparing for the IAS exam.

First of all, you will have to understand one thing here, living in Delhi and the possibility of getting success in the UPSC exam are not correlated. So, a student living in his native town can prepare for the UPSC exam. He should understand that there is no extra edge for the candidates preparing from outside. Candidates can make their dreams true through the means of online coaching and dedication.

Online UPSC coaching has become a part of UPSC preparation and can guide rural area students but a serious problem may emerge for those who don’t have good internet connectivity in their area. For that, you might visit the nearest place where internet access is available. You may put a little extra effort in order to get the maximum possible output with minimal effort.


Despite the limitations, online UPSC coaching remains a boon for thousands of students preparing for the UPSC. It may suit some candidates and not others as a method of learning. Therefore, evaluation and introspection are needed before choosing online classes over traditional classroom coaching. Moreover, candidates’ own internal criteria such as the ability to stick to a strict preparation schedule and remain self-motivated are important when choosing online UPSC coaching.

Also, the government has supported E-learning-focused R and D projects at various coaching institutes to improve literacy through online coaching, especially for the Civil Service examination.

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