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Submarine ‘KRI Nangla’ submerged in the sea

Submarine ‘KRI Nangla’ submerged in the sea

Recently, the Indonesian Navy’s submarine ‘KRI Nangla’ sank near Bali (Indonesia) along with 53 of its crew members in the deep sea.

The Indonesian Navy reported that the Indonesian submarine went missing on April 21, 2021 while conducting a torpedo drill.

 However, the Indonesian navy has not yet received clear information about the reasons for the disappearance of the submarine.


  • The KRI Nangla-402 is Germany’s ‘Type-209 diesel-electric attack’ submarine. It weighs 1,300 Its construction began in the year 1978 and the submarine was delivered to Indonesia in October 1981.
  • In submarines like ‘Nangla’, a distance of at least 260 meters is considered a safe depth. The depth below this is known as the ‘crush depth’, where the weight of water becomes so high that it is almost impossible for the submarine to bear it.
  • According to information provided by the Navy, the sonar scan detected the submarine at a depth of 850 meters (2,790ft), which is below the diving range of ‘Nangla’ and included in ‘Crush Depth’.
  • It is to be noted that the Indonesian Navy had a total of five submarines, including two German-built ‘Type-209’ submarines and three South Korean-built submarines.

Source: The Hindu

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