CAQM recommends strengthening of air quality monitoring network

CAQM recommends strengthening of air quality monitoring network

Recently the Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM) has issued a policy to curb air pollution & strengthen an air quality in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The policy deals with thermal power plants, clean fuel, electric mobility, public transport, road traffic management etc.

The policy identifies critical areas of change in order to meet the national ambient air quality standards.

It includes:

  • Wider access to affordable clean fuels and technology for industry, transport and households. Adoption of different modes of transport such as public transport, electrification of vehicles, creating infrastructure for pedestrian and cycle movement, reducing the use of personal vehicles, etc.
  • Cyclical economy for recovery of useful material from the waste to prevent the dumping of waste and combustion.
  • Dust management with appropriate technology, infrastructure and green measures during construction and demolition of roads/right of way (RoW) routes and in open areas.
  • Strict time bound implementation, better monitoring and compliance.

It also reviews the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). GRAP is a set of measures to combat air pollution. The GRAP was released by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in the year 2017. It is a set of anti-air pollution measures to be implemented in Delhi and its surrounding areas depending on the gravity of the situation.

Source – The Hindu

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