Center ready to invite views of states on Punchhi Commission report

Center ready to invite views of states on Punchhi Commission report

Recently, the Union Home Ministry has decided to seek the opinion of the states again after 5 years on the Punchhi Commission report.

  • Earlier in the year 2017-2018, the Standing Committee of the Inter-State Council (ISC) reviewed this report for the first time.
  • In the year 2007, a commission was constituted on Centre-State Relations. Former Chief Justice of the country Justice Madan Mohan Punchhi was its chairman. This commission submitted its report in 2010.
  • The Punchhi Commission made 273 recommendations in its seven-volume report.

Key recommendations of the Punchhi Commission –

  • Before introducing a bill on the subjects of the Concurrent List, the Central Government should consult the States through the Inter-State Council.
  • There is a need to amend Article-355 of the Constitution. The interests of the states should be given priority through amendment, so that the central government cannot misuse this article.
  • Article – 355 provides for the duty of the union to protect the states.
  • The exercise of the power received by the Center under Article-356 should be limited only to the resolution of the failure of the constitutional machinery in the State.
  • A National Integration Council should be set up on the lines of the US Department of Homeland Security to deal with matters related to internal security.
  • A non-political person should be appointed to the post of governor or such a person should be appointed to this post, who has stayed away from active politics for at least two years before the appointment.
  • The provision for impeachment of the Governor should also be made in the same manner as the provision for impeachment of the President has been made under Article 61.
  • The first commission on Centre-State relations was the Sarkaria Commission. This commission submitted its report in 1988.
  • Its main recommendation was to set up a permanent Inter-State Council under Article-263.

Duties of the Inter-State Council –

  • To inquire into and advise on disputes arising between States.
  • To examine and discuss matters in which some or all of the States or the Union and one or more of the States are of common interest;
  • To make suggestions on any such subject and especially to make recommendations for better co-ordination of policy and action in relation to that subject etc.

Source – Indian Express

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