Some important places in the recent discussion

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Some important places in the recent discussion


  • Egypt is working towards the construction of a new project to revitalize the historic Cairo city.
  • Egypt (capital: Cairo) is a transcontinental country. Its mainland is located in Africa while its Sinai Peninsula is located in Asia.
  • It is primarily a desert nation. The Nile River, which flows in Egypt, is a major source of life for the people here.
  • The Aswan Dam (the world’s largest embankment dam) has been built on the Nile in Egypt. It is known that an artificial reservoir has also been created through this dam, which is called Naser Lake.
  • The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. This canal is globally renowned as an important waterway. It provides the shortest sea route between the continent of Europe and the Indian and western Pacific Ocean.


  • Tunisia Recently, Najla Boudin Romdhane has been appointed as the first female prime minister of Tunisia. It is noteworthy that she is also the first woman to become the Prime Minister in Arab countries.
  • Tunisia (capital: Tunis) is a North African country. To its north and east lies the Mediterranean Sea and to the south lies the Sahara Desert.
  • The Medjerda River is the largest water body located here, while the southern region of Tunisia is a sandy desert.
  • Mount Kambi is its highest peak and Djerba Island (located in the Gulf of Gabes) is the largest island in North Africa.

Source – The Hindu

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