The Solid State Lithium Metal Battery (SSLMB)

The Solid State Lithium Metal Battery (SSLMB)

Recently there has been a breakthrough in battery technology in the form of solid state lithium-metal batteries (SSLMB).

  • Fox Wagon has set a target of producing solid state batteries by the year 2025. This goal will be achieved in partnership with Quantum Scape. A solid-state battery replaces the polymer separator with a solid-state separator. The polymer separator is used in conventional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries use an electrolyte solution to separate the anode and cathode. Anodes are generally negative electrodes made of graphite and cathodes are positive electrodes made of lithium.
  • On the other hand, solid state batteries use solid electrolytes. It also performs the role of electrolyte separator.
  • The replacement of the separator enables the use of a lithium-metal anode instead of a carbon or silicon anode. Carbon or silicon anodes are used in conventional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lithium metal anodes are more energy intensive than conventional anodes. This allows the battery to store more energy in the same amount.

Benefits of SSLMB

  • High cell energy density (by eliminating the carbon anode).
  • Ability to extend shorter charging times and longer charging times. Thus able to provide long usage period.
  • Better security.

India’s efforts in battery technology

  • Advanced Chemistry Cell: ACC Proposal for Battery Storage Fabrication
  • Project for a grid-scale battery storage system to balance the uncertainties of renewable energy generation.
  • Reliance Industries plans to set up an energy storage Giga factory.

Source – The Hindu

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