Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution

Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution

Recently the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC – PM) has released a working paper titled “Appraisal of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India”.

The provision of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution has been made under Article-246. This schedule deals with the distribution of legislative powers.

It consists of three lists, which determine the distribution of powers and responsibilities between the union and state legislatures.

Suggestions of the worksheet –

  • The recommendation of the Rajamannar committee should be considered. In this, after making a political consensus, it has been suggested to set up a high-level commission for subject-wise discussion on the Seventh Schedule.
  • The viability of the Concurrent List should be reconsidered and the Local Bodies List should be included in its place.
  • Some topics need to be included in the light of recent technological developments and national experience gained in the process of dealing with challenges like pandemic and climate change. For example – consumer protection, emerging technologies (like AI) etc.
  • There is a need to reform the law making process in India.
  • The Central Government should effectively consult with the State Governments and gain their confidence before making laws on the subjects of the Concurrent List or invoking Article 253.
  • Any law passed by the Parliament or State Legislature must clearly mention the entry of the concerned list under which that law is being implemented.

Source – PIB

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