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Scheduled meet of China and Bhutan to settle border dispute

Scheduled meet of China and Bhutan to settle border dispute

Recently Bhutan and China have agreed to hold a border dialogue soon to end the mutual border dispute.

In this border dialogue, the two countries will discuss a roadmap to speed up the border dispute resolution process. This will be the first talks after the Doklam border dispute in 2017, and Bhutan’s eastern border dispute with Arunachal Pradesh.

If there is any further border dialogue between Bhutan and China, it will be the 25th dialogue of the border dialogue process between the two countries. It is to be known that in June 2020, China had claimed Bhutan’s eastern border with Arunachal Pradesh.

Disputed borders:

  • Bhutan and China have focused on two disputed areas in their previous border negotiations. These include the ‘Pasamlung Valley’ and the ‘Jakarlung Valley’, located to the north of Bhutan, and the second – ‘Doklam’, a border with India to the west of Bhutan.
  • In addition, in June 2020 China objected to the grant being made to the sanctuary, citing the ‘Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary’ located in the eastern region of Bhutan as disputed at an UN environmental meeting.

China-Bhutan border dispute and India

  • China makes territorial claims as a part of its foreign strategy, so that it can put pressure on small neighbors of India, so that these countries avoid having any kind of closeness with India.
  • In 2017, China infiltrated the ‘Doklam Plateau’, which Bhutan claims. This created a situation of ‘deadlock’ between the Indian and Chinese forces.

Source – The Hindu

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