Saraswati River

Saraswati River

The important role of Saraswati river in the existence of Indian civilization was discussed in the National Youth Festival.

  • The Saraswati river is described in many ancient Hindu texts. It flowed between river Yamuna and Sutlej. It originated from the Himalayas and fell into the Arabian Sea. James Tod called it ‘the lost river of the desert’.
  • The region of river Saraswatis is considered to be the birth place of ancient Indian civilization. This civilization existed from the Mesolithic culture (6500-5500 BC) to the later epochs from the mature Harappan culture.
  • A recent study by the Center of Excellence for Research on the Saras River (CERSR) highlighted that the river used to flow in Haryana until the beginning of the 15th century (1402 AD).

Source – The Hindu


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