Russia suspended from Council of Europe

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Russia suspended from Council of Europe

Russia has been suspended from the ‘European Council’ (CoE) after the recent invasion of Ukraine.

Other facts:

Russia has launched a full-scale bombing of Ukraine, and Russian forces have entered the Obolonskyi District, located less than 10 km from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Resolution against Russia’s position on Ukraine:

  • Recently, India did not participate in the voting on a resolution of the United Nations Security Council sponsored by the US. It should be noted that in this resolution the “aggression” of Russia against Ukraine was “strongly condemned”.
  • The censure motion was submitted by the US and Albania, and was co-sponsored by several other countries.
  • The Security Council resolution reaffirmed its commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders.
  • The resolution called on Russia to “withdraw all its military forces immediately, completely and unconditionally, from the territory of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders”.

India’s Stand: On this issue, India has said that ‘dialogue’ is the only answer to settle differences and disputes.

Reasons why India did not participate in voting:

India does not support the harsh language used in this resolution condemning the actions of Russia. Simultaneously, India wants to maintain a balance between the US-led Western Bloc and Russia, as countries on both sides are its strategic partners.

Council of Europe: COE

  • It is an international organization established as a result of ‘World War II’ to uphold human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe.
  • Established under the ‘Treaty of London’ in 1949, the European Council consists of 46 member countries (including all 27 members of the European Union) with a total population of approximately 820 million. Its annual budget is around 500 million euros.
  • It’s Headquarters: Palace of Europe, Strasbourg, France.

Role and Responsibilities:

The laws made by this council are not binding on the member states, but it has the power to implement selected international agreements approved by European nations on various subjects.

Source – The Hindu

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