Russia – China joint naval exercise

Russia – China joint naval exercise

  • Recently, Russia and China have started joint naval exercises in the East China Sea.
  • The main goal of the exercise is to strengthen naval cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China and maintain peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The joint exercise is directed to demonstrate the determination and capability of both sides to jointly respond to maritime security threats, and to further improve the China-Russia comprehensive new era strategic coordination partnership.
  • Russia and China have also conducted several military exercises in the last one year, under which in May 2022 both countries tested the flight of nuclear-capable bombers.
  • This was followed by a comprehensive joint exercise in September 2022 involving over 2,000 Chinese soldiers, hundreds of military vehicles, fighter aircraft and warships.

India’s exercise with China and Russia:

  • Hand in Hand exercise with China: The objective is to practice joint planning and conduct of anti-terrorist operations in semi-urban areas.
  • Exercise INDRA with Russia: This exercise will help in the conduct of anti-terrorist operations under the mandate of the United Nations by a joint force against international terrorist groups.
  • This military exercise was started in the year 2003, which is conducted alternately between the two countries as a bilateral naval exercise.
  • However the first joint Tri-Services Exercise was conducted in the year 2017.

Source – The Hindu

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