Civil Services Examinations, through all its stages – Prelims, Mains and Personality Test, demands that the Candidates possess the ability to critically analyze any given situation or event from different perspectives. To develop the insightful understandings, one needs to focus just on gaining static knowledge from standard books but must engage in acquiring “X Factor” dynamics as well. This is where the various debates and programmes conducted by the Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha T.v comes into picture. These debates and programmes will help you in developing your own views on relevant issues and at the same time provide you with in depth understanding of some of the hot current topics impacting the World and India.

Why Are These Debates necessary to Follow?


  • These programmes are conducted by a panel of experts and leading academics of the country. Government Officials are also invited on them, from time to time. It is essential for you to gain clarity on burning issues being discussed on these platforms, to be able to interconnect various dimensions in an issue and at the same time, build up your own understanding by listening to the expert talks as well.
  • Generally, Private News channels focus on Political aspect of current events, ignoring substantial information, which are well covered in the programme segments of RSTV & LSTV. Also, Private News Channels feature debates which are generally loud and full of biased views. The programmes and debates on LSTV & RSTV, feature panels which are more focused on reaching a conclusive point on a certain topic rather than winning the argument. This approach will help you better your debating skills as well.
  • Apart from providing quality information on various issues, these programmes have become the ideal spot for gaining authentic and genuine information.
  • The issue with dealing with Current News segment for CSE is, curtailing of unnecessary information which you are bombarded with. However, these programmes focuses on relevant issues only which are dealt in detail by expert panels.
  • These debates follow a 360degree pattern of analysis of a topic. It generally will begin with establishing a core idea of a topic, break it down to sub levels, discuss every aspect under it and then end on a conclusion. This will prove to be beneficial to you, while writing your Mains exam- as this is at par with the quality UPSC demands from its candidates at the Mains answer writing level. So, it does not only provide you pointers of information on a topic but also, helps you prepare a structured guideline to follow while answer-writing.
  • The information you collect while following Debates and Programmes on LSTV & RSTV, will also provide you factual data which have proven to be helpful in the Preliminary Stage of CSE as well according to successful candidates.
  • The language and vocabulary used by the experts while addressing the topics, can widen your horizon, will you develop a stronger language base, learn keywords to use in different topics and speak in a balanced, non-critical manner, which can help you develop better personality for the last leg of the CSE journey – The Personality Test. Just observing the conduct of the expert panel of these programmes, will give you a leg up.

Some Important Debates & Programmes to follow on RSTV & LSTV

  • The Big Picture (RSTV)
  • World Panorama (RSTV)
  • In-Depth (RSTV)
  • Policy Watch (RSTV)
  • Security Scan (RSTV)
  • India’s World (RSTV)
  • Laws in the Making (RSTV)
  • Insight Programme (LSTV)
  • Science Monitor (RSTV)
  • Public Forum (English) & Lok Manch (Hindi) (LSTV)
  • Around the World (LSTV)
  • Saksham Bharat (LSTV)
  • Vishesh (LSTV)


Apart from the ones mentioned above, these two channels offer a range of other programmes for you to follow.


Under this segment, We will provide you with the synopsis of the most relevant and burning topics (being discussed under these debates and programmes), accompanied by summaries written by our team of experts. This will ensure, that you are kept updated irrespective of your accessibility to Television. Relevant topics related to the syllabus of the CSE will be featured here, saving you a lot of precious time and trouble. You can devote some time daily to study our summaries and watch links provided in this segment and make notes. It will build up your holistic outlook.

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