Ministry of Public Distribution launched ‘Right to Repair’ portal

Ministry of Public Distribution launched ‘Right to Repair’ portal

  • Recently the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has launched the ‘Right to Repair’ portal.
  • The ‘Right to Repair’ portal ( has been launched on the occasion of National Consumer Day (24th December).
  • The portal will provide a platform to product manufactures to share product detail manuals with customers so that they can repair the product either on their own or from third parties instead of depending on the original manufactures.
  • Initially the portal will cover mobile phones, electronics, consumer durables, automobiles and farm equipment.
  • Right to Repair has also been recognized in the European Union including the US and the UK.

Meaning of ‘right to repair’

  • Right to repair means that customers do not have to take back their damaged or broken electronic products to the product manufacturers or to a center authorized by it for repair. Instead they can fix things like phones or laptops themselves, or take them to low-cost independent repair shops.
  • The logic behind “right to repair” is that when we buy a product, it implies that we are the full owner of it and for this consumers have the right to get the product repaired or replaced easily and cheaply. Can improve it. For this he did not have to bear the tantrums of the makers.
  • However, with the passage of time it is being seen that “right to repair” is being curbed. Unnecessary delays in repair work, and sometimes exorbitant repair costs for products. Due to this the consumer is left with no option. Often the spare parts are not available due to which the consumer has to face difficulties and problems.

Importance of developing a framework for Right to Repair in India

  • This will empower the consumers and buyers of the product in the local market.
  • Will discourage the strategy of ‘Planned obsolescence’. Under planned obsolescence, companies design a product in such a way that it will be in use for a limited period of time before it becomes necessary to replace it.
  • This will harmonize trade between original equipment manufacturers and third-party buyers and sellers.
  • Promote consumption of products in a sustainable manner and reduce e-waste.
  • By allowing third party repair of the product, employment opportunities will be created through Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Source – The Hindu

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