Ram Setu

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Ram Setu is mentioned in the Ramayana, the Central Advisory Board working under the Archaeological Survey of India has approved the study of its origin and sediments collected on it by the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) to check its veracity.

What is Ram Setu?

From the Gulf of Mannar in Sri Lanka to the Rameswaram in India, the rock formations seen in the sea are called Rama Setu.

It is also called Adams Bridge. Its length is about 48 km. Significantly NASA also released a picture of it.

Controversy over Ram Setu:

In 2005, the Government of India approved the Sethusamudram project, for which the government submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court.Its existence was denied in this, which was challenged by Subramanian Swamy. As a result, the Supreme Court gave instructions to investigate whether this bridge is natural or man-made.

Ram Setu Project:

The NIO will study the Ramsetu Bridge for three years; so that its presence can be detected.

For this, carbon dating technique will be used, so that its age can be determined.The depression formed above it will be removed and its actual structure will be ascertained and photographs will be taken.

Key Examination:

Side Scan Sonar test (SSS): It will be able to study the topography of the site structure. Under which the physical structure of the bridge can be graphed by sending the sound waves to the structure.

Silos Seismic Survey: Under this, mild seismic shocks will be carried to the structure, from which the received signal can be used to detect the upper structure of the bridge.


The coastal region of India is over 7500 km.This study will be able to clarify the changes in the atmospheric and terrestrial structure from the sea level.

The authenticity of the things said in various mythological and religious texts will also be proved to be true, which will help in getting the recognition of a document in the future.

Also, India will be able to carry forward its research in relation to several structures under the sea, such as Dwarka and others.

Source – The Hindu

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