Question – What do you understand by work culture? How are cultures and work culture related to each other? Please discuss.

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Question – What do you understand by work culture? How are cultures and work cultures related to each other? Please discuss. – 23 May 2021

Answer –

            Work culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment. Healthy workplace cultures align employee behaviors and company policies with the overall goals of the company, while also considering the well-being of individuals. Work culture determines how well a person fits into their environment at a new job and their ability to build professional relationships with colleagues. Your attitude, work-life balance, growth opportunities and job satisfaction all depend on the culture of your workplace.

Elements of a healthy work culture:

Culture is a complex concept that constantly evolves in the workplace based on many elements. While some people may value a more traditional work culture and others want something more modern and fun, all healthy work cultures have many traits in common. Look for these signs of a prospering work culture when considering possible employers:

  • Accountability
  • Equity
  • Expression
  • Communication
  • Recognition

Relationship between culture and work culture:

The work culture of an organization is largely influenced by the core culture of that society. This can be understood by the following examples-

  • Just as the power structure is in the culture, it is also seen in the work culture.Example: In countries where there is a patriarchal structure, the power gap in the work culture is also visible.Whereas in societies where the family has become democratic from within, there will also be a sense of equality and freedom in the work culture.
  • If there is a cultural diversity in the society and there is a sense of respect or flexibility towards diversity, then the work culture will also have a better proportion of different sections and inclusive development will take place.
  • If individualism is more dominant in the culture, then employees will be less dependent on their organization financially and emotionally and their personal identity will be given importance and not social identity.On the other hand, if the collective structure of culture is more important then individual will be more dependent on his organization and his collective identity will get more importance.

More emphasis is given on cultural ease or on formality in society, will reflect in work culture.

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