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Question – What are the options available to you? Evaluate each option available and select the option to be adopted by you and also discuss the reasons for choosing this option. – 6 June 2021


You are appointed as a public servant in a district, which has the responsibility of monitoring matters related to violation of the Right to Education Act. A case has come to your notice in which a poor farmer was beaten up for not giving his daughter the fifth class annual examination. Eventually, he tied her to his motorcycle and took her to the examination hall. Physical punishment of a child by a parent or teacher is a punishable offense for which imprisonment for three months may also be punishable. When you investigated the above case, the poor farmer told that he had done this to ensure a better future for his daughter. He does not want his children to live in the same poverty as him. He also said that his financial condition is very weak and if he is sent to imprisonment then his children will face severe difficulties.

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