Question – Through love, friendship, resentment, and compassion, one’s life is valued as long as a person values the life of others.Explain ?

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Question – Through love, friendship, resentment, and compassion, one’s life is valued as long as a person values the life of others.Explain ? – 11 April 

Answer – 

Aristotle has said, “Man is a rational being who lives in polis (societies)”. Social values come in two different ways for one’s life.First is interior, which comes from the self-realization, suggested by Maslow or the expression of a virtue stated by Aristotle. The second is external social, which comes from the moral ecosystem.

When we value the lives of others, we act as Emmanuel Kant’s “moral agents”. It gives us happiness psychologically. Carl Barth stated, “Happiness is the simplest form of gratitude”. Gandhi Ji also said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”We feel as a motivator of change in this world and therefore feel the value of our life.

For example –

  • Mother Teresa is still remembered by people for her compassion.
  • Many leave lucrative corporate jobs to go into public service.
  • Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar spent the last 18 to 20 years of his life among the Santhal tribe in Jharkhand. His helping the tribes was a way of realizing the value of his life.

Filling the values of the lives of others with affection, friendship and compassion creates social harmony, brotherhood and unity. In such a social setup, social security and the life of each have value.

Poverty, inequality, violence are absent or minimal i.e.–

  • After the Nirbhaya rape case, people took to the streets in Delhi. This led to amendments in criminal laws and stringent provisions for crimes against women. It has helped reduce crime as well as providing a sense of security to many protesting women.
  • Japan feels safe despite China’s dealings with the United States because of its friendship with the USA.
  • Sympathy to small island nations inspires climate change related actions. This in turn helps protect our own shores and beaches and safeguards against destruction from cyclones and drought.

We should develop the concept of good society given by Plato. Society is like a healthy organism where all the parts work for the benefit of the whole.

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