Question – The past decade will be known as the great decade in terms of scientific inventions, prove this statement with suitable examples.

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Question – The past decade will be known as the great decade in terms of scientific inventions, prove this statement with suitable examples. – 24 April

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The journey of scientific invention started with the wheel in about 3500 BC, continues till the present day. In the meantime, various inventions are being done all over the world, which have made their special contribution in changing the each aspects of our life. The invention of the Internet in the 20th century gave a new direction to the computer revolution, and it covered almost the entire world in a small room. The world of science has changed to a great extent in the last decade. Scientific and technological innovations during this period have greatly influenced human life. Some specific innovations are as follows –

Smart phone revolution

  • The last decade has been very important from the point of view of the smart phone revolution. In this period, we have moved from feature phones to the technology of touch screen phones. At the same time, it has reached the general public due to the decline in the price of mobile phones to a great extent.
  • Compared to the year 2010, the technology present in the mobile phones of the year 2020 has also significantly impacted our daily lives. Today our daily life is revolving around mobile phones.

From 3G to 5G

  • The Internet revolution in the late 1990s greatly increased the demand for mobile Internet. The unprecedented success of 2G networks served as a catalyst for the creation of more efficient and faster mobile networks, which led to the discovery of 3G network technology, and 3G networks became common as early as the early 2010s.
  • Now, with the beginning of the new decade, we are moving towards the 5G network, which provided people with a great and beneficial experience of using the Internet.
  • The application of Internet data has also grown rapidly during this period. According to the ASSOCHAM report, India’s data consumption will increase by 72.6% in the year 2022.

Life on the Mars

  • The Curiosity Rover, sent by NASA, discovered round-shaped pebbles after landing on Mars on August 6, 2012, which shows that, rivers used to flow on Mars about three billion Years ago.
  • Data related to the high amount of methane gas in the air of Mars has been sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover in the year Methane gas is commonly emitted by living organisms and plants on our earth. It is considered by scientists to be a sign of the presence of microorganisms on Mars.
  • In 2022, ‘Rosalind Franklin Rovers’ will be launched by Europe to research the presence of microorganisms on Mars.

Gravitational Waves

  • About a century ago, gravitational waves were first predicted by the great scientist Albert Einstein in the Theory of Relativity. These waves were discovered for the first time on September 14, 2015, after research for nearly 50 years about this prediction.
  • The Kepler mission, launched by NASA in 2009, has so far discovered more than 2600 planets outside our solar system. Such planets are called exoplanets.
  • Kepler’s successor mission ‘The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite-TESS’ was launched by NASA in 2018 to explore life outside our solar system.

Driverless car

  • In the 2010s, many major companies around the world have achieved success in using a driverless car, with companies like Tesla and Google leading the way.
  • Using Google Maps and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the Internet, these types of vehicles reach people to their destination without any risk.
  • However, analysts believe that it will take some time to complete the project of driverless vehicles completely, and it may take longer in special geographic areas such as India, where automated technology is much less prevalent.
  • Apart from this, data security is also a big issue regarding driverless taxes.

Use of drone

  • The history of drones is very old in the world, but a significant event in this context occurred in 2010, when a French company created the first ready-to-fly drone, which could be controlled via Wi-Fi using a smart phone.
  • In 2014, Amazon introduced the idea of delivery via drone. At the same time, many construction companies were also using drones for their promotion.
  • The concept of air taxi is being considered as the second phase of the development of drones, through which people will get rid of the problem of traffic jams.

Discovery of various ancestors of human family

  • The early 2010s began with the discovery of an extinct species of the human family called Denisovans. The species was named ‘Denisovans’ because of its discovery in the ‘Denisova’ cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.
  • Subsequently, in 2015, the remains of a human species named ‘Homo Naledi’ were discovered in South Africa.
  • Whereas in 2019, paleontologists classified another species found in the Philippines as a small-sized human species called Homo Luzonensis.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Companies such as Google, Microsoft, are working for artificial intelligence (AI) based operating systems. With the help of AI, the use of robotics in our lives is increasing day by day.
  • Artificial intelligence is the activity by which machines are made intelligent. Intelligence is the quality that enables an entity to function with proper foresight in its environment.
  • The decade of 2010 has been the beginning of machine learning.

The past decade has been a revolutionary era in terms of scientific inventions. During this period, there have been many inventions, which have influenced the ability of the common public to think, understand and make decisions. However, technology, which is very beneficial in our daily life, can also adversely affect human civilization. It is expected that in the coming years, technology will also contribute to making human life more accessible.


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