Question – Examine the contribution of the Non-Cooperation Movement in India’s freedom movement.

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Question 1 – Examine the contribution of the Non-Cooperation Movement in India’s freedom movement. – 12 April

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The main reason behind initiation of the Non-Cooperation Movement of Gandhiji was – unclear policies of the British Government. The public was dissatisfied with the reforms of the government, the economic crisis, epidemic and famine was rampant. At such a time, Rowlatt Act was introduced by the British Government in 1919, which was a black law in the views of Indians. The Rowlatt committee report was protested everywhere. It was decided to go on strike in protest against this act. When this Bill was being discussed in the Indian Legislative Assembly, Gandhiji was present there as an audience..

Contribution of Non-Cooperation Movement in India’s Freedom Movement:

  • The Non-Cooperation Movement introduced the people of the country to modern politics and aroused the desire for independence in them.
  • It showed that the poor people of India can also be the bearer of modern nationalist politics.
  • This was the first occasion that nationalism had its influence over villages, towns, schools etc.
  • Although its achievements were limited, whatever was achieved helped to form the backdrop of the upcoming struggle.
  • The participation and communal unity of Muslims on a large scale was a significant achievement of this movement.
  • The participation of Muslims made this movement a mass movement.
  • A major consequence of the Non-Cooperation Movement was that it ended the fear of British government among the Indian public.


Although the Non-Cooperation Movement was suspended, its importance was no less. It was the first non-violent revolt in world history that continued in some form or the other even after its end. This also referred to as the first mass movement. The movement led to creation of political awareness among the common masses. It ignited a widespread sense of freedom in India.

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